Food Places to Go on a First Date in Colombo

Places to Go on a First Date in Colombo

2019 Sep 6

First impressions always count. By text or even face to face. A first date is the same. It sets the vibe and the mood of what would happen after that first date. Would he/she call back or would it be a dead-end? It’s always good to have a good first impression and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a good time.


Colombo is flooding with places to hang out, but the ideal place for a first date would not only have good food but also set the right vibe.


1.Java Lounge – Jawatte


One of the coziest cafes you could go to. The place is stocked with comfortable couches and nice cozy tables. The prices are reasonable and the best part is you can hang out and talk as long as you want! Well, any Java Lounge for that matter is ideal but personally, I prefer the branch on Jawatte Road. You’d be in your own little bubble and hang out without feeling the time go by.


2.The Commons


This is also one of those places you can hang out at for ages, on comfy couches or the relaxing open area. At night the open area has fairly lights hanging above which creates an amazing ambience.


4.Butter Boutique – Park Street Mews


Butter Boutique is an ideal place for those who have a sweet tooth. An ideal first date would be to have Tres Leches with a cup of coffee and you’re set with the perfect ambience. Any Butter Boutique outlet would create the same vibe but I personally prefer this one because once you’re done with the cake, you can freely roam around the arena.


4.Caramel Pumpkin

Caramel Pumpkin


The nice place for a first date with lots of natural light. The beanbags are definitely a plus point! You can meet up for a meal, snack or even an ice – cream date since Il Gelato is now up and running at the premises.

5.Colombo City Center

Food Studio at Colombo City Centre



You can wonder around as long as you want, an ice – cream or bubble tea in hand. You can go to the Food Studio, find a seat in the outdoor balcony area and enjoy the view. Going here at night time is a personal favorite as the view of the lit – up city from the outdoor seating area is amazing. 


6.The Cauldron

The Cauldron


The prices here are quite reasonable so you can enjoy a good meal or even a snack. There are a handful of super comfortable couches to lounge on. The place itself gives a cozy, artsy vibe with the colour scheme and posters of golden era movies and paintings of iconic artists hanging on the walls.


7.Dolce Italia

Dolce Italia


An absolute favourite in terms of food and atmosphere. You can be seated indoors or outdoors, whichever you choose the place is idea to have a chat and get to know each other. You can either go there for a delicious full me or even for dessert. Their amazing chocolate and cream canolos are definite ice breakers.


First dates are about making a good impression. Nerves may pop up but our top picks for locations are sure to put you at ease and make it an ideal setting to have a chat over some good food and really get to know a person. Enjoy!