Fashion Be Chic, The Modern Epitome of Unique this Valentine’s Season with

Be Chic, The Modern Epitome of Unique this Valentine’s Season with

2018 Feb 10 is an online platform that constantly crops up on our Facebook and Instagram feeds, and the one thing we cannot help but notice are their stunning design curations that are so unique. See a little deeper into it and you’ll notice a new-era fashion twist to age-old art forms like batik and handloom. Their unique designs and inimitable branding from brands like Urban Drape and Urban Island is quite unlike any other online shopping store in Sri Lanka and has effectively made a happy home in the hearts of many women in Sri Lanka but also around the world. Their pieces range from dresses to sarees to even swimwear—so there’s surely something for everyone.

This February, brings to us an exciting new Valentine’s Collection so we can embrace the different things love means to each one of us, with a modern individual style! The Collection features 6 pieces – 4 shift dresses and 2 sarees – that we have had the pleasure of getting a peek at and let me tell you, they are the simultaneous embodiment of grace and boldness.

You know how there’s a girl we all know that’s cute but strong? Is collected but knows how to party? Charming but fearless? That’s the way wearing a outfit makes you feel. Uninhibited and ready to make a statement, romantic and fun, with a lot more to you than what meets the eye. If you’re that girl, this one’s made for you. Take a look!

Sleeveless Floral Shift Dresses by Urban Island

The sleeveless shift dresses for this season are a floral designed satin fabric and come in two variations – Mint Green and Feminine Pink. Perfect for a casual brunch or high tea, these dresses are laid back, flowy and incredibly comfortable, so you can slay the day whilst looking stylish the whole time!

We recommend you pair this with a pair of nude flats and a cute bag to match and spend your day prancing because the outfit is sure to put the ‘Haha’ in Happy and make you feel all kinds of ecstatic. Come evening, you can switch into your heels and you’re ready to get into a party-mode instantly!

Sleeved Embroidered Shift Dresses by Urban Island

This season’s Sleeved Shift Dresses kick it up a notch, bringing in a kind of effortless, intelligent chic with its light colors, satin fabric, and elegant design—adding a hint of glamourous athlesiure—a new trend everyone’s in love with. The dresses come in Minty Green and White with neat cuts and graceful flares and are perfect for an upscale lunch or even a cute dinner date if you accessorize it right. The unique embroidery is sure to enhance your neckline without the need for any statement jewelry.

We recommend you pair this with a pair of slip-on sneakers for the day and make an easy transition to stilettos and a shimmering clutch for date night. The best part is that these two dresses have pockets and who doesn’t love a dress with pockets?

Statement Batik Sarees by Urban Drape

As traditional sarees get an urban twist on, dare to wear them on elegant dates or dinner parties oozing volumes of style and stand out! The sarees from the Valentine’s edit are Batik in Cotton Voile, playing with textures and colors and combining elements that we didn’t even stop to think of, so you’re ensured elegance and beauty.

The best part about is their out-of-the-box saree jacket styling, that you could get done too with the breezy, easy-to-style, chiffon fabric that comes along, bringing a youthful playfulness to a timeless design and reinvent the elegance of a saree.

The Valentine’s collection will surely turn some heads wherever you go and make you feel like the sophisticated masterpiece that you are! We recommend you try these looks and go get ‘em, gurl!

The ever-loved Online Store has a first of its kind concept store plan underway to bring to us a touch and feel, bag-free shopping experience, but until then, you can shop their Valentine’s Collection for free delivery to wherever you are in the world or check out more styles on their website Also be sure to follow them on Instagram and their Facebook page to stay up-to-date with all of their promotions.