Everything else.. Where You Can BYOB in Colombo

Where You Can BYOB in Colombo

2018 Apr 11

Sri Lankan Friday nights are always a battle between “let’s have a small shot” and “can we really afford enough 900 rupee cocktails to get drunk?” The struggle is real when you’re trying to balance your lifestyle with your bank account but we should consider ourselves truly blessed for incredible things like happy hours and BYOB places.

So the next time you’re looking to get “turnt”, here are all the places you can do it without digging a hole in your wallet:

The Deck

Located at the end of Peter’s Lane in Dehiwala, The Deck is a slightly dodgy but good joint for a cheaper night out. It has an indoor area as well as an outdoor area so you can wiggle your toes in the sand while you enjoy some Sri Lankanised-Chinese.

Streat 360
A classy, chilled out little joint down Ward Place, Streat 360 is mid-range when it comes to prices and serves up some delicious Mexican grub. Focusing on street food from around the world, the cuisine and ambience at this funky little place will pair perfectly with that much looked forward to bottle on a Friday night.

Aimed a little more at the baila-singing loud crowd, Chatz dishes up Sri Lankan-ised Chinese and good bites. A typical Friday night here will consist of loud music and large groups of drunk youngsters, perfect to crack open that Old Arrack bottle in true Lankan style.

Park Street Mews’ newer addition to its cluster of upscale eateries now includes an incredible South East Asian restaurant that serves up sharing dishes that everyone can partake in. You can share a delicious Prawn Sarong dish or a Pad Thai with your drinking partner! Check out our full review here.

Almost everyone’s favorite thin-crust pizza joint is perfect for that laid back bottle of red wine with its rustic decor, great food and friendly service. Giovanni’s in Thimbirigasyaya is a personal favorite and is great for hosting large groups of people as well.

Zen (Zylan hotel)
The winning point at Zen in their incredible pool-side ambience that’s both private and chilled out for a small drink with an intimate group of friends. They have a multi-cuisine menu and will guarantee a solid night. Check out our full review here.


With a wide range of mocktails but no alcohol, Barracuda lets you BYOB right to the shores of the Dehiwala beach. They have a separate menu for Sizzlers as well as Chinese so there’s quite a variety of food you can choose from as well. Check out our full review here.


More on the higher end of the price spectrum, Epicure is a fine-dining establishment that serves up intricate dishes with exquisite flavor pairings. Choose to dine here if you don’t mind having a drink whilst shelling a few bucks on an upscale dinner that will tickle your taste buds. Take a look at our full review here.

Le Papillon
A quaint little boutique hotel down Flower Road, the menu at Le Papillon includes intricate dishes such as Crab Dips and Turkey sandwiches but also familiar comfort food such as spicy fried rice and pies. It’s an intimate setting and quite laid back, perfect for a cozy date night. Check out our full review here.

Superfood Cafe

With swing-set seating options and a focus on healthy yet delicious dishes, Superfood is ideal for a lazy Sunday brunch with a loved one. Whilst their range of flavored detox waters is enough to quench your thirst, you can also bring your own bottle for an extra edge. Take a look at our full review.


So there you have it, folks. Good company, great food, and boozy nights are awaiting, so go get cracking!