Everything else.. Where to Get Hampers in Colombo

Where to Get Hampers in Colombo

2021 Dec 20

Ah yes. The month of December. And December means Christmas. And Christmas means…. hampers! That’s right! Tis the season of exquisite and luxurious hampers for everyone! From bottles of alcohol to scrumptious Christmas cakes, they are a perfect way to share the spirit of Christmas! So here’s a little list of places that offer Christmas hampers!



From a humble cookie bucket to an extravagant package that even includes hand sanitiser, Wishque offers a very unique take on Christmas hampers especially in the lower price ranges. This makes Wishque the go to destination if you want to buy some quirky hampers without burning a hole in your wallet.

Price Range: LKR 1,500-18,850

Website: https://www.wishque.com/catelog/Christmas-Shop/Christmas-Hampers 



Quite a new addition to the ranks of Sri Lanka’s online stores, Lassana.com is by no means falling behind the competition with their own set of Christmas hampers. While they specialise more in the flower department, you better check out their hampers because these babies will be selling like roses on Valentine’s day!

Price Range: LKR: 6,700-25,380

Website: https://lassana.com/Christmas-Collection/cp/13



Kapruka has a few non-christmas hampers, but when it comes to Christmas hampers you’d be spoilt for choice. From their snack filled SANTA’S SURPRISE HAMPER to their much more refined CHRISTMAS EVE HAMPER, Kapruka offers a wide range of products included in over 7 separate hampers!

Price Range: LKR 3,500-16,500

Website: https://www.kapruka.com/shops/specialGifts/hampersSuperMarket.jsp



Compared to the other online stores on the list, Lakwimana is a fairly unknown store. However, they do offer Christmas hampers that are on par with the other online stores in the country. Even their Merry Christmas Box is quite a treat!

Price Range: LKR 3,330-12,221

Website: https://lakwimana.com/christmas-gifts/hampers-c-48_50.html



One of the names you instantly think of when you say Christmas hampers, Keells has become a household name not only as a supermarket, but also as a provider of quality Christmas hampers. Their hampers range from being small, simple and affordable to extravagant that include a whole array of alcohol as well.

Price Range: LKR 4,900-124,500

Wesbite: https://www.keellssuper.com/showcase/items/hamper



Another front runner in Sri Lanka when it comes to Christmas hampers, Arpico is a popular choice. Their series of hampers begins with the Blue Bell Hamper and progresses to the Blue Luxury package that consists of some extremely scrumptious goodies.

Price Range: LKR 5,990-130,000

Website: https://arpicosupercentre.com/arpico-hampers-2021 



One of the oldest supermarkets in Sri Lanka brings you some well-deserved Christmas cheer! This year, Cargills offers three well rounded hampers that balance both Christmas excitement and practicality!

Price Range: LKR 4,900-17,900

Website: cargillsonline.com



One of the new kids on the block, Glomark is a fast-growing chain of supermarkets. And this time, they’re turning it up with a series of hampers that are designed to bring you the best of Christmas!

Price Range: LKR 6,500-65,000

Website: Glomark.lk



Another relatively new supermarket chain in Sri Lanka, this international juggernaut brings its own style when it comes to Christmas hampers. In terms of variety, Spar does not disappoint. Their hampers include an excellent array of products and are completely worth their price!

Price Range: LKR 4,990-45,490

Website: SPAR.lk 

Stores and Brands

Bakes By Bella

This store needs no introduction. You want some exquisite munchy goodness? This is the place. No doubt about it. And their Christmas hampers? Out of this world!  Bakes by Bella includes some scrumptious goodies in their three hampers, and this is something you definitely should check out!

Price Range: LKR  5,000-15,000

For more details: @Bakesbybella


Wine World

Yes! The alcohol hamper! Wine World has a brilliant selection when it comes to alcohol on a normal day, but their Christmas hampers this year are even better! But what’s more exciting is that in some of their hampers they also offer tea, jam and pasta!

Price Range: LKR: 4,800-49,500

Website: wineworld.lk


Coffee Bean Body

If skincare is a priority for your loved one, then this is an ideal brand for you! Coffee Bean Body offers quite the spread of skincare and cosmetic products in their hampers. And they make for an excellent gift!

Price Range: LKR 2,300-4,300

Website: CoffeeBeanBody.com



One of Sri Lanka’s premier fashion and lifestyle destinations is gearing up for the ultimate Christmas with some incredible customised hampers! With chocolates, cakes and everything in between, Odel is offering quite the selection.

 Price Range: 8,000-25,000

For more details: @Odel


Park Street Gourmet

From pasta to kidney beans to wine, Park Street Gourmet offers an eclectic Christmas hamper which looks to be just plain delicious!

Price Range: LKR 5,500-75,000

Website: ZipSip.com



Easily one of Sri Lanka’s most recognisable brands, MD has been with us as long as we can remember! And their hampers seem to offer much more than they are priced at. For just under LKR 4,000 you would be able to get over 15 items! Talk about value for money.

Price Range: 1,950-3,950

Website: mdfood.lk


t-Lounge by Dilmah

t-Lounge by Dilmah offers a customisable Christmas hamper that includes mince pies, macaroons and Christmas cake! While these are included in the base pack, you can contact them to customise and tinker your own special hamper.

Price: LKR 4000+

For more details: @teatimerocks



This series of hampers is just delectable. Stollen, wine and even a chocolate Santa! Just thinking about it is heavenly. Oh, did we also mention the adorable teddy bear?

Price Range: LKR 6,900-25,500

For more details: @shangrilacolombo


This year Hilton offers their Silver Xmas Hamper. This hamper is a combination of chocolates, pudding, breudher and a whole lot of other goodies that ooze that joyful Christmas spirit.

Price: LKR 19,888

Website: Hiltoncolombo.com