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Where To Find Bath Products In Colombo

2020 Jan 18

Coming home after a super stressful, manic work day or school day to a long, relaxing bath seems like a perfect way to spend your evenings, right? Let’s be real, not only do we cleanse the dirt, grime and sweat that sticks to our skin (thanks to our good friends, the sun and humidity) but we also cleanse our mind from the stressful situations that we had to undergo during the day. And having the best bath products by your side, giving your skin the luxury it deserves is an important part of your bath experience. Fear not, for we have just the recommendations mentioned below, on where you can find bath products around town, that will elevate your bath experience to the next level.


1. Bath Bliss – Bath and Body

They are royalty when it comes to handmade and sustainable bath products. They make a wide variety of soap bars, shampoo bars and body scrubs that look so good, you would feel bad using them. Their products are available at The Design Collective Store and Urban Island. Their products can also be ordered online via their social media pages, on Instagram (@bathblisshandmade) and Facebook (Bath Bliss – Handmade Bath and Body).

2. ReLive

Looking for a place to find luxury soaps and bath bombs to make your bath experience a colourful one? *drum roll*, ReLive is here for the rescue. They have the cutest handmade bath bombs, soaps, wax melts and jelly soaps in different shapes and forms, to make your
bath experience that much better. They have a store at 24, 6/4, Melbourne Avenue, Colombo 4, where you can visit after making an appointment.


3. Jade Handmade Bath and Body

Another store that you can check out, if you’re a sucker for handmade, natural
products is Jade Handmade Bath and Body. They provide a range of soaps, body scrubs and essential oils that are sure to give you a detoxing bath experience. Their prices start as low as, wait for it – LKR 190! They have a physical store located at Orion City, Colombo 09 and for your added convenience, their products are also available at The Design Collective Store at Stratford Avenue.


4. Oriflame

I know what you’re thinking, Oriflame? Although they are known to be a cosmetics brand, they also offer a range of bath products, that is sure to get you intrigued on what they have to offer. Shower gels, soap bars and shower creams are on their list of bath products,
making sure to keep your skin delighted after your bath. They mainly take orders via their website lk.oriflame.com/bath-body/bath-shower


5. Spice Island

We all live for products that can soothe our body as well as our soul and that’s what Spice
Island strives to do! Putting Ayurveda practices to good use, Spice Island creates a range of shampoos, shower gels and handmade soaps featuring fresh ingredients like neem, ginger and lemongrass. Their store is located at Level 15B, Parkland Building, No. 33, Park Street, Colombo 2.


6. Green Leaf Herbals

The name says it all! Green Leaf Herbals are significant for natural products made out of
the fresh herbs and spices that our little island has to offer. They take pride in their
luxurious products ranging from shampoos, soaps, shower gels and body scrubs. They have
a store located at No. 42/4, School Lane in Nawala. You can check them out on their social media pages, Instagram (@greenleafherbals) and Facebook (Green Leaf Herbals) as well as their website on www.greenleafherbals.lk/Home


7. Summer Haze

Summer Haze mainly offers handmade soaps and bath salts, but they also customise their soaps and bath salts to fit different occasions like weddings, baby showers and bachelorette parties, according to your unique taste. They have a store located at Uptown Kandy, Liberty Plaza and also they operate via WhatsApp on 077 297 2451 and 0776 024 576.


8. Kemara

If you’re longing for a spa treatment at the convenience of your home, Kemara is here to
help you out! Made out of organic ingredients, Kemara manufactures products like shower gels, shampoos and body scrubs.  And for all the young mamas out there – Kemara also has a range of children’s bath products using soft and gentle ingredients like chamomile. Be sure to check them out at their store located at 107/1, Hamdan Lane, Colombo 06 or visit their website: www.kemaralife.com


9. Spa Ceylon

Spa Ceylon is undeniably one of the best places to find bath products, in order for you to
treat yourself like a royal. Championing medicinal plants in their products, they have products ranging from shower gels, body cleansers, body scrubs and essential oils to help you relax and de-stress. The prices for their products start from around LKR 1500 upwards with many stores located around Colombo in areas like Ward Place, Dutch Hospital, ODEL in Alexandra Place, Crescat Boulevard and Colombo City Center.  View more of their products at lk.spaceylon.com


10. The Body Shop

If you’re looking for an international brand selling 100% vegetarian products, The Body Shop is the place to visit! And luckily for us, they have dug their roots in Colombo for your
convenience. They have succulent shower gels, body scrubs and soaps made with fresh ingredients, leaving you smelling and feeling absolutely divine. Their products are priced from LKR 600 upwards, with stores at ODEL in Alexandra Place, Colombo City Center and on Bagatalle Road. You can visit their website on: www.thebodyshop.lk

There you have it! Now lay back, relax and bring out your best royal self while you give your skin a treat!