Everything else.. WH concept store launches its first store in Colombo

WH concept store launches its first store in Colombo

2021 Aug 8

Situated at the very heart of Colombo 7 lies Wear House, dubbed and known more fondly as WH. It is the brainchild and latest creative venture between Lin Asia Holdings and House of Indi. After a whirlwind of hiccups and mishaps over the past year or so, WH finally launched its website and opened its physical store to customers on the 7th of August.

Renowned Fashion Designer and WH Managing Director, Indi Yapa Abeywardena, expressed that it was a dream of hers as well as her close friend and business partner, Limini Weearasinghe, to see this venture become a reality in the hopes that it would provide a platform for young female entrepreneurs and women.

She further expressed that “helping out young, new ladies who want to come up in the industry,” is at the heart and soul of what the WH brand stands for.

At first glance, the store exudes charm with its airy, bright and spacious interiors, adorned with a handpicked selection of decor. The expanse of the store is compartmentalised in a manner that covers every lifestyle necessity, from clothing to skincare, to jewellery and even tea. At its core, WH aims to provide an outlet for young, up-and-coming designers and entrepreneurs, to showcase and express their individual labels. This will give them the boost they need to come up in the industry.

What truly sets this project apart, however, is the fact that WH features brands and designer clothing labels from across the entire country, instead of just limiting its reach to Colombo itself. Designers from places such as Galle and Kandy will be given the opportunity to unveil their unique assortment of clothing and products.

WH strives to become an exclusive hub that houses a curated collection of fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands by home-grown local talent whilst also being the one-stop-shop for all your lifestyle needs. The intention is to ensure that each and every individual that walks into the store won’t leave empty-handed. With that being said, WH features both high-range and mid-range clothing, all of which are selectively procured to have a balanced mix of styles and aesthetics.

Brands such as Colombo Batik, Seth Ceylon, Téarapy Ceylon, Rekindle Fragrance Candles, Taliya, Alura and Mahi, to name a few, are focused on delivering sustainable, ethical and fair trade products.  “We have brought together some amazing vendors with online ethical and sustainable brands who lack physical presence, into a creative space in Colombo, where people can see them in person before purchasing,” said Indi.

In addition to that, WH will feature their own clothing label in the near future catered towards the modern, contemporary woman. They will continue to launch new collections every alternative month whilst keeping up with the latest in fashion trends with their ready-to-wear clothing. The label aims to position itself between high-end and extremely affordable, establishing a middle-ground and thus targeting a much wider client base.

Indi will also showcase her latest clothing line named most fittingly ‘Indi Bindi’ – a play on words between the traditional Indian decorative mark called a bindi, and her own childhood nickname. The label follows an ethnic-inspired theme with flouncy floral printed skirts and matching jackets. For custom orders, clients can organise virtual consultations with Indi or even visit her office at WH, whilst bearing in mind that health and safety protocols are adhered to.

The concept store covers all aspects of what the local market wants and needs right here at the very centre of Colombo’s hustle and bustle – from a young, fresh aesthetic, to a more sophisticated and refined attire. “Anyone should feel comfortable to walk in and know that there is something for them”.