Everything else.. Things Our Parents Said That We Understand Only Now

Things Our Parents Said That We Understand Only Now

2021 Nov 24

How many times have we wondered how the adult brain works? As kids, we have been told some of the most random and nonsensical things that we believed the grownups were trying to mess with us. We were rendered quizzical, and as a result, we placed ourselves as knowing better than our parents. Fast-forward 10 to 15 years, we have now left school, and even maybe our homes, to explore the world on our own. Could there have been a deeper intention behind some of their ‘nonsense’? Here’s a list of some of their famous sayings that we only now fully understand.

1)“If your friends jumped in a well, would you also jump?” 

This usually followed an instance where you justified your actions saying that your friends were a part of it as well. Whether it was to get permission to go for a party or after getting in trouble at school, you may have wondered why your parents didn’t realise that it was not as bad as they thought, since more people were involved besides you.

Peer pressure can be a dangerous thing; and this was their way of telling us to think on our own, and not follow the crowd even though it may seem like the ‘cool’ thing to do.


2)“Money doesn’t grow on trees”

Often coupled with “we have food at home”, these words were spoken to teach us how to separate our wants from our needs and to be wise when it came to our spending. As adults with bills, loans and other financial commitments, was it really wrong of them to teach us that money cannot be willy-nilly ‘plucked from trees’?


3)“I can’t be telling you 101 times”

In a nutshell, this phrase was often conveyed out of exasperation from us making the same mistake repeatedly. Blunders are a part of growing up; and even though our parents have been patient with us, a firm telling off every now and then (or maybe even literally 101 times!) definitely helped us in learning to be more responsible with the choices we make in life.


4)“When we were schooling…”

“….We woke up three hours earlier and crossed a river with crocodiles before walking 5 kilometers”, or something along those lines was constantly heard whenever we were late for school. Clearly exaggerating to make a point, this was their means of reminding us to be grateful that we did not have a hard time getting to school and educating ourselves. All we had to do was get up and get dressed. Looking back, we now understand that this may also have been their way of teaching us that nothing in life came easy to them, and that commitment and dedication are crucial for success.


5)“When you fall sick and wind up in hospital, don’t call me to stay with you”

Whenever we fell sick as kids, and at times maybe even now, the thought of being alone in a hospital terrifies us. Threatening to leave us on our own once hospitalised, after not listening to them, served as a reminder that we need to take better care of our health and be safe than sorry.

Much like these, there are way too many sayings that have been told to and even yelled at us by our senior management. However, we now realise that as kids, we may have failed to understand that all these stem from years of experience and the undying love of our parents have for us. What are some of the other sayings you may not have heard in a while that your parents used to say that you only now understand? Let us know!