Everything else.. The Eternal Dark: Requiem by Suresh De Silva

The Eternal Dark: Requiem by Suresh De Silva

2020 Sep 3

Get ready to journey into a surreal world with Suresh De Silva’s first full-length novel – The Eternal Dark: Requiem. Mystery and uncertainty introduce themselves in the first few pages and swirl throughout the rest of the novel. Told in the six different points of view of the characters who take on the challenge of staying in an old manor, without any contact with the outside world, they are hit with horror after horror, reaching a climax that forces your imagination to run wild. 

“They say that in the absence of that which is sacred, even darkness can become your only friend”

Perhaps what is most remarkable about Mr. De Silva’s novel is his ability to vividly bring to life the 6 personalities. Offering insight into their pasts and how their stories weave together in the present setting of the old manor adds to the complex plot. The frontman of the heavy metal band Stigmata, Suresh De Silva’s lyrical prowess also shines through the poetic feel of the sentences. Words are beautifully strung together while still maintaining just enough simplicity to paint a colourful picture in the reader’s mind. 

For any Stephen King fans out there, this book is a must-read, and the fact that it is written by a local author makes it that much more desirable. The introduction to the main character Jeremy De Silva is very reminiscent of a moment in Stephen King’s ‘Doctor Sleep’. For a Lankan reader, the familiarity of the Sri Lankan backdrop and the occasional Sinhala slang makes the novel more relatable and brings to life the intense horror even more. 

However, the build-up of the story does not prepare the reader for its epic climax. From the undercurrents of absolute terror that manage to surface every now and then, the interaction of the characters and the glimpses into their pasts, as well as Mr De Silva’s own wicked sense of humour that demands attention, the plot suddenly plunges the reader into a tale of unadulterated horror. Imagination is forced out of its usual boundaries and you are left shuddering as you frantically skim the last few pages of the book, horrified yet eager to find out what happens next. The Eternal Dark: Requiem strongly stands out as a must-read in the sphere of Sri Lankan Horror.