Everything else.. The 5 Types of Lankan Fathers

The 5 Types of Lankan Fathers

2018 Jun 17

Very seldom do we thank our fathers for their care, protection, sacrifices, timeless advice and jokes, so in lieu of Fathers’ Day 2018, we have come up with a list of the types of fathers in Sri Lanka and the quirks they possess.

1. The Trendy Dad

This father is obsessed with the latest tech and gadgets. He is updated, tech savvy and possibly becomes aware of the newest trends before the child does. He is not like the majority and believes adults should mingle with the “youngsters”. It is super easy to have a conversation with him about the latest iOS update and such because he too is fascinated about the fancy developments. He understands that times have changed and that we as a society must grow along with our ever-changing culture. This father is an absolute blessing to millennials.

2. The “Ape Kaale” Dad

Full of nostalgia and stories from back in the day, the “Ape Kaale” dad is the opposite of the Trendy dad because he refuses to accustom to youth culture. Most of his advice starts with “Ape kaale owa thibune na” and while most of us are tired of hearing this, this dad has the best stories from the good old days and exposes us to culture that has ceased to exist today. It is because of fathers like this that we have knowledge about how much rice and sugar used to cost and of course the outdoor games they used to play like “batta”.

3. The Goofy Dad

The father who has us rolling our eyes all day long. This dad makes the driest jokes we’ve ever heard! He doesn’t fail to make your friends politely laugh with his limericks, bits and performances because he has perfected them during multiple Lankan social gatherings and family get-togethers. He will also laugh at his own joke without a doubt. Nevertheless, children lucky enough to call these dads their fathers are forever grateful for their constant efforts at trying to make everyone around them smile.

4. The Over-Bearing Dad

This father is protective to the nth degree. He refuses to accept how quickly his child is growing up and is very judgmental of your new friends and in the process intimidates them. He is not one to fall for the “just going out for dinner” statement because he “knows” it means dinner and drinks. Curfews, punishments, lectures and rules are a way of life with this dad but we are forever thankful for dads like this for spotting obstacles that may befall their children from a mile away. They embrace fatherhood with structure and principles, encouraging us too to have some organisation in our lives.

5. The Easy-Going Dad

He’s the person you go to when Amma does not give you permission to go out, a.k.a Daddy Cool. There are no boundaries with this father because you can talk to him about whatever, whenever. He is super chill and isn’t big on curfews but is definitely big on safety! He is prepared to pick you up whenever you’re ready because he realizes that it is now your time to have fun while embracing your youth. He has his principles yet believes that there should be some form of mutual consensus so that the child can open up about anything.

So there you have it fellow Lankans! Now go give your fathers a big hug because no matter what mannerisms they possess, they mean well at the end of the day. Happy Fathers’ Day to all the Lankan dads out there!