Everything else.. Tangalle Beach: One of the Best Beaches in the World for 2021

Tangalle Beach: One of the Best Beaches in the World for 2021

2021 Aug 17

Tangalle Beach located in Southern Sri Lanka has much to offer, with its turquoise waters, palm trees and white pristine sand. Tangalle, formerly a fishing village, is now a sensation amongst tourists and locals alike, with many nearby attractions such as the Mulkirigala Rock Temple, Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary, Turtle Watch Rekawa, Hummanaya Blowhole (the only blowhole in Sri Lanka and the second largest in the world),  and of course the beach itself. If you’re looking for the most beautiful beach in Sri Lanka, look no further.

Recently, this exquisite beach was listed as one of the Best Beaches in the World for 2021 by Big 7 Travel. The international travel and lifestyle site carefully curates places to eat, visit and stay across the world.

Tangalle Beach – A Must-Visit

So, what makes Tangalle Beach ‘a must-visit?’ The soft white sand is perfect for relaxation, whilst in contrast, the rough sea is great for surf lovers! If you’re a  marine life enthusiast, you’ll love the various species of sea turtles. “Tangalle Beach ticks all the boxes with its white sand, palm trees and Indian Ocean waters. Although it’s not the best beach for swimming, its isolated location and wide stretch of sand make it perfect for relaxing in the sun. Surfers love the crashing waves here!”, says Big 7 Travel. However, if you prefer a more secluded and quiet beach, you can head over to Silent Beach, which isn’t too far away.

About the 50 Best Beaches List

This list showcases selected beaches worldwide. Their breathtaking beaches will be your go-to guide, whether you’re looking for the perfect beach for your next excursion, honeymoon, or are a curious beach lover. “The Best Beaches in the World List showcases the best beaches around the world, paying attention to both famous beaches and secret shores, from tropical white sands in the Bahamas to black sand in Iceland. It’s the ultimate beach bucket list!’’, says Big 7 Travel.

“Beaches were chosen based on a ranking system that took into account official Blue Flag rankings, previous blog and media coverage (the ‘star factor’ of each beach), and input from Big 7 Travel’s editorial team”, remarks Big 7 Travel.

Soaring to Greater Heights

So, how would this impact Sri Lanka’s Tourism? Sri Lanka’s third-largest foreign income earner is tourism, and Tangalle Beach is the perfect tourist attraction! “Tangalle Beach’s inclusion amongst the Best Beaches in the World for 2021 is a signifier that Sri Lanka has so much to offer as a global tourism destination. As the country’s beautiful scenery (such as the Tangalle Beach) becomes more known, tourism will develop in these areas, attracting even more visitors, and hopefully creating jobs in the community. The trick for Sri Lanka is to balance the growth of its tourist places with a sustainable plan that retains the natural and ‘untouched’ feel that both locals and visitors love”, says Big 7 Travel.

Tangalle is 205km away from Colombo. It’s about a 3-hour drive if you’re travelling by car.  Encapsulating Sri Lanka’s beauty and alluring history, Tangalle is worth visiting. After all, it’s got one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! So, go ahead and add Tangalle Beach to your bucket list if you haven’t done it already.