Everything else.. Where to Get Sustainable Gifts from in Colombo

Where to Get Sustainable Gifts from in Colombo

2021 Dec 22

The holiday season is upon us once again! That’s right, folks. We’re talking Christmas. It’s that special time of the year for peppy carols on the radio, decked out halls, and most importantly, presents. As it is the season of giving, you’re all probably looking to up your gift giving game – and what better way to do it than by going ethical? Here are some sustainable gift ideas for this Christmas season!

Apparel and Accessories

You really can’t go wrong with giving someone something nice to wear. Sure, sizes can be a little tricky to figure out but once you do, these places make for stellar Christmas shopping options. Gifts that’ll have the receiver looking their best while still being good to the environment? Count us in!


As Sri Lanka’s only fair-trade established business, Selyn offers a range of ethically-sourced and hand-made goods that make for great gifts. With their vast collection of clothes, bracelets, necklaces and a whole lot more, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to find the perfect gift here.

Address: 102 Fife Rd, Colombo 00500

Contact:0112 596 838

Website: selyn.lk 

Instagram: @selynfairtrade 


Who We Are

Who We Are is everything Sri Lankan, locally made and environmentally friendly. They have an awesome collection of clothing options decked out with that classic Sri Lankan flair. They’re definitely worth a second look if you want to support local businesses while also picking up some cool outfits.

Contact: 076 544 4474

Website: whoweare.lk

Instagram: @whowearelk



AMMA brings you handmade and hand-dyed clothes and accessories with the end goal of developing a regenerative textile economy while remaining entirely eco-friendly. If you’re looking for a thoughtful and unique present for someone you love, give them a go!

Website: ammasrilanka.com

Instagram: amma_srilanka


Pigeon Island

Swimsuits in December? Well, when it’s summer all year long here in Sri Lanka, why not? Pigeon Island is an eco-friendly, sustainable swimwear brand that focuses on plastic-to- fabric garments. A portion of Pigeon Island’s revenue also goes out to marine conservation. Christmas shopping while supporting conservation efforts? This is one combo you shouldn’t pass up.

Website: pigeonisland.co

Instagram: @pigeon_island


House of Lonali

House of Lonali operates on the model of upcyclying with all their products being created using fabric waste that would otherwise end up polluting the environment. Consider picking up some of their products for gorgeous clothes with moving stories behind them.

Address: Gandhara, 40 Stratford Ave, Colombo 00600

Contact:077 856 2858

Website: lonali.com 

Instagram: @houseoflonali 



Wellness and Lifestyle Products

Spread that cozy R&R vibe with these Christmas gifts that are sure to have the recipient beyond themselves with joy.

Healing Island SL

For some amazing hand-crafted wellness products, Healing Island promises to only bring you the best. They even have Christmas specific gift packs with a variety of types to choose from. Be sure to check them out while the seasonal deals are still up!

Address: 209, 5 Union Pl, Colombo 00200

Contact:0115 630 494

Website: healingislandsl.com

Instagram: @healingislandsl



Sustainablee is a Sri Lankan based lifestyle brand with all their goods being locally sourced. They have a good selection of gift packs that are sure to please anyone that receives them. You might be a little spoiled for choice, but that’s the magic of the Christmas season!

Contact: 077 384 0515

Website: sustainableeyours.com

Instagram: @sustainableeyours



An online-retailer for everything sustainable, JustGoodness brings you a variety of different products from numerous eco-friendly brands in one convenient place. They even have curated gift boxes that come with all sorts of goodies for an ultimate Christmas self-care present.

Contact: 077 631 6443

Website: justgoodness.co

Instagram: @justgoodness.co



Food and Beverages

How about something delicious to give this holiday season? Gifts you can eat are very much worth the hype.

Lucuma Vegan Café

What’s Christmas without cake? Don’t fret because Lucuma Café has your back. With a host of delectable treats without any processed sugar or gluten, this is a must-try if you want to gift a pal some mouth-watering desserts.

Address: Cambridge Terrace, Colombo 00700

Contact:077 133 3668

Instagram: @lucuma_vegan_cafe



Juices and detoxes and cleanses, oh my! Raw brings you all of this and more as a brand of 100% organic and locally sourced juices. Any one of their packaged deals would make for an excellent gift for those health conscious people you have no idea what to give.

Contact: 077 771 0229

Website: rawsrilanka.com

Instagram: @rawsrilanka




Who wouldn’t want an adorable little plant buddy to keep them company? For all you plant parents out there, here are some places right up your alley.

Pretty Plant Pots

Aesthetically pleasing? Check. Customisable? Double-check. Pretty Plant Pot brings you a great little green gift option for the Christmas season. With a whole variety of plants that’ll accommodate your personal taste, you should definitely consider checking them out!

Contact:  077 378 8967

Instagram: @prettyplantpotslk


Buds ‘N’ Plants

Another great spot for all you plant loving folks out there! Buds ‘N’ Plants has you covered with their adorable and customisable potted plants. A special mention goes out to their herb plants if you’re in the mood for a more practical sort of gift.

Contact: 077 878 7456

Instagram: @budnsplants



You’ll need a lot of self-restrain if you want to keep yourself from going on a spending spree at Succulents.lk. These little pots make for great gifts not just because they are cute, but because they are compact as well. Bonus points for island-wide delivery!

Contact: 071 656 9011

Instagram: @succulents.lk



Everything else

We’re onto a bit of a miscellaneous category now, but bear with us. We’ve got some good stuff in store for you.

Eco Kadé

Eco Kadé can be your go-to if you’re looking to do some zero-waste Christmas shopping. That’s right. Zero-waste. Of their extensive roster of plastic free and reusable products, there’s sure to be something that catches your eye as a perfect gift.

Contact: 076 862 1306

Website: ecokade.com

Instagram: @ecokade



Okay, now let’s say you’ve got the perfect sustainable Christmas gift prepped and ready for packaging. Why not go the whole way with some sustainable wrapping paper options? Trickledown has some wonderful wrapping papers, gift boxes and bags all made from recycled material that are sure to impress anyone you give a gift to.

Contact:  071 273 5696

Website: trickledown.lk

Instagram: @trickledownsrilanka



So there’s the list folks! Make this Christmas season a gift not just for you but for the environment too. Merry shopping and happy holidays!