Everything else.. Spot Jupiter in all its Glory this June!

Spot Jupiter in all its Glory this June!

2019 Jun 7

Fifth in line from the Sun and the largest planet lurking in our solar system, Jupiter is making an appearance this month and is most clear on Monday the 10th of June, 2019. It can be viewed in detail with minimum equipment!


The annual occurrence of the straight alignment of Jupiter, Earth and the Sun will provide skygazers with the perfect opportunity to view the gas-giant and witness the four largest moons. Clear to the naked eye as well, Jupiter will not be twinkling like a star but will stand steady. The shape of the planet and its four biggest moons discovered by Galileo can be seen with the use of a bicolour and with a small telescope for more detail.



Although the Southern Hemisphere will have the best views of Jupiter, people from all over the world will be able to witness this scene the whole month! With NASA stating that Jupiter is as its “biggest and brightest month”, June is sure to be a treat for all space-lovers!


As you gear up to stargaze, here are some skywatching tips for the month of June!


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