Everything else.. There’s more Women than Men in Sri Lanka

There’s more Women than Men in Sri Lanka

2018 May 10

Ever wondered whether our little island has more men or women? Well, look no further, because recent statistics indicate that we have an abundance of women! Statistics in 2017, while showing an unchanging population growth rate gave us a total population estimate of 21.4 million. 11.1 of which are women, 10.4 of which are men. Essentially, Sri Lanka has a whopping 7 lakh more women than men.

This abundance is also made prominent in the increased percentage of women in educational and certain occupational sectors. The Labor Force Participation Rate comprises of a considerable 63.65% female professionals as opposed to the meagre 36.35% male professionals. On an overall basis, however, when not taking household services into consideration, women’s participation in employment remains low. This could be due to other gender disparities in job opportunity and wages.

As of 2015, 60% of students enrolling in universities were female, and 68.5% of those graduating were female too! Overall, these figures seem to add up given that we have a higher female population in Sri Lanka but there’s found to be glaring discrepancies between certain sectors such as politics and the government and female employment (women represent only 5% of the parliament).

There are many reasons as to why Sri Lanka might have more women than men; our long history of men going into war being an example. Essentially, what the world strives for is the closest to a balance between genders one can get and Sri Lanka appears to be hovering more towards women!


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