Everything else.. Marlboro Now Sells Marijuana Cigarettes

Marlboro Now Sells Marijuana Cigarettes

2015 Nov 20

The world`s largest cigarette manufacturer, Philip Morris, starts selling Marlboro marijuana cigarette.  The product is marketed under “Marlboro M” brand and is available in special licensed outlets in two states in Colorado and Washington DC.

Senior Vice President Philip Morris Serafin Norcik said the company has considered many things before deciding to release the product and said that the company has observed the market condition for some time.  The company finally selected Colorado and Washington DC as its market location as the two states have legalized marijuana.

However, the distribution of marijuana cigarette will be restricted.  Buyers are only allowed to buy one pack during their purchase.  Other requirement is that buyer should be at least 21 years of age and should be accompanied by an identification card (ID).  Marlboro will sell it for $89 a pack.

The cigarette is prohibited for resale.  If violated, the seller will be fined and imprisoned according to the local regulation.  Although accompanied by strict requirements, marijuana cigarette sales have reached $1 million.

Source: TEMPO.CO, Jakarta


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