Everything else.. Luxe Colombo: Finding Opportunities Amidst Obstacles

Luxe Colombo: Finding Opportunities Amidst Obstacles

2021 Aug 18

Delivering Premium Ingredients and Products while contributing to communities in need through Luxe Colombo

Luxe Colombo started by Ishara Weeraratna, has currently risen to become one of the most successful e-commerce platforms providing imported, luxury ingredients and brands to Sri Lankan consumers.

It all began after Ishara’s family returning to Sri Lanka realised that many of the products and brands they had been familiar with overseas were unavailable for Sri Lankan consumers.

Capitalising on this opportunity, they established a successful family business that has supplied premium goods and ingredients to many restaurants, hotels and supermarkets in Colombo, including the likes of Shangri-La and Cinnamon Hotels, for over a decade.

However, everything changed with the current pandemic, and the family business that Ishara’s parents had built up over the past decade, was on the brink of a major crisis. Due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, operations across the country had ground to a halt, and they had no way of making use of their stocks before they go to waste.

Ishara found a solution to this challenge with Luxe Colombo, delivering imported, luxury goods and ingredients directly to the consumer.

Luxe Colombo offers premium, imported goods and ingredients for all your gourmet needs, in a click, through their online platform, Luxe Colombo. Customers can directly order premium products and ingredients from international brands, such as Fratelli Beretta’s iconic cold cuts, the finest Italian coffees, blueberries, pink Himalayan salt, salted French butter, fondant chocolate, some of the best international cheeses, and many more, all at the convenience of your own home through their online store.

Luxe Colombo promises free delivery in Colombo and its suburbs, any day of the week within twenty-four hours with no minimum order value, allowing you the convenience you deserve. Those who are ordering from Galle and Kandy will receive their products within a week for an added price of LKR. 300 only.

Not only that, all deliveries will be conducted using specially refrigerated vehicles in order to preserve the freshness of all items ordered, ensuring the quality of the products being ordered, until they reach the customer’s doorstep.

Aware of the sensitive times of the pandemic, Luxe Colombo has pledged to dedicate 10% of their monthly profit to helping communities affected by the pandemic through their ‘Feed the Poor’ programme. The purpose of the programme is to support underprivileged families of the country by providing them with food rations and protecting the food security of these families.  

“We make sure that all of the dedicated money does benefit these communities by handling the charity work and delivery of rations by ourselves,” Ishara revealed. Bearing all administrative expenses for the programme by the company itself, Luxe Colombo guarantees that all of the dedicated funds will reach the people of these underprivileged communities.

Through Luxe Colombo, Ishara has managed to turn a potential disaster around to not only benefit Sri Lankan consumers, but also touch the lives of the underprivileged, to alleviate some of their burden during these troubling times. Having already proven Luxe Colombo’s potential to benefit both consumers and the communities of Sri Lanka, there’s no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

You can follow Luxe Colombo on Instagram and Facebook. They also handle orders via their website, Luxe Colombo, or stay connected through their telephone number 0707 070 791.