Everything else.. A Lankan Online Store Round-Up

A Lankan Online Store Round-Up

2017 Jun 3

Say good-bye to import duties, absurd courier charges and 10-20 business day deliveries, and say hello to online stores that can meet all your needs locally, right here in Sri Lanka!

  • Shoelace Studio

Shoelace Studio is everyone’s favorite online novelty store. If you want to get a gift that’s not too generic, customized, crafty and personal, this is the page to visit! They make, from scratch, a wide variety of miscellaneous articles appropriate as gifts for your friends, family and hey, even a treat for yourself; ranging from wall art, lamps, string art, even table blocks and entrance signs for your business. The best thing about them is that you can browse through what they’ve done in the past on their colorful Instagram page, or you can directly message them and discuss what sort of thing you would like to get custom made, and even if they’ve never done it before, they can make your DIY-Pinterest goals, come true, except you’re not doing it yourself because you may be a bit terrible at crafts..

When would I need this stuff?

Birthdays, anniversaries, ANY SPECIAL OCCASION! Particularly, if you’d like to get something very intimate and personal for a significant other but you’re not very artsy yourself. They really make your visions for a gift come to life.

Any tips?

Order well in advance, they are currently quite popular and are usually overwhelmed with orders, and even if not, look at these masterpieces! Perfection takes time. So ordering at least a week in advance is recommended.

Check out their incredible work here!

  • Paper Hut

It’s basically Pizza Hut for all your past paper needs! With British Council exiting the very lucrative past paper business, who do we trust now to get us our papers? Exam time can be very very stressful and running around to printing shops, your school library, photocopiers and different book shops to find papers for different subjects only makes everything worse, but your prayers have been answered! Paper Hut has Edexcel and Cambridge past papers available and they deliver! They are very quick and also customize your papers with your name on it (yup, every page of every book), bind the books spirally, NOT with the irritating comb binds that come off very easily, and if things couldn’t get any better, they attach free thematic rulers and book marks (their Star Wars ones are very popular).

When would I need this stuff?

Well obviously, during your revision, but it also wouldn’t hurt to order your papers for next year and stay organized and prepared!

Any tips?

They take 2 days to deliver, so be sure to order in time, and they don’t do checkpoint papers.

Check out their Instagram page here!

  • Best Paper

This website has everything you would possibly need for your home and office: stationery, paper and board, markers, art materials, hardware, even printers and designing supplies! This is perhaps the most handy online shop I have come across locally. If you’re a crafty person this is your god-send, they offer home delivery, cash on delivery, and credit card payment, plus their prices are much more reasonable than some local bookstores. Even the most obscure items such as clips and buttons are available. They have a variety of each item, be it pens or whiteboards, they offer different sizes, colors, brands and qualities of each.

When would I need this stuff?

If you’re unsure if the closest bookstore will have a certain item, Best Paper will have it for sure. Also, if you need to order in bulk (like, I needed 200 sticker paper sheets by the end of the week) its much easier to have it delivered than to visit a book store. It’s more time convenient, and very economical.

Any tips?

Browse through every thing! If you assume you’d need a specific type of paper for your needs, they typically have a different product that might be even more suitable for you, the images and descriptions on the site are very helpful and aid you in navigating through your stationery needs.

Take a look at their website here!

  • Royal and Regal

Women’s clothing and accessories have never looked so good. They’re famous for their shift dresses and shirt dresses, but even more so for their super trendy sunglasses and block heels. They have the style and quality of products on Orchard Street, but for half the price and without the air fare and home delivery.

When would I need this stuff?

Their dresses are mostly for casual wear and are super comfy, so if you’re looking to renovate your wardrobe for both comfort and style, you’ve found the place. Their heels are perfect for any occasion, specially because of the colors they offer and their sunglasses are every Instagrammer’s dream: cat eye, marble and more.

Any tips?

Although they’re somewhat responsive on Instagram, Facebook, or e-mail, it’s best that you visit their site. Also, some of their best products are on pre-order and selling out, so head to their site now.

Check out their Instagram page here, and their website here!

  • Spaces.

Handcrafted and customized home decor that really brighten up your living space. They are most famous for their pillows and door-mats that are tailored to your needs. They even made a customized Pokémon themed case for me once, so the sky is the limit with them. They also offer great designs and materials, and their tote bags are super cute too!

When would I need this stuff?

House-warming gifts!

Any tips?

They’re a tad expensive, and they don’t offer the pillow with the case, so its more practical to get a case made for a pillow you already have and you want to replace the cover.

You can have a look at their Instagram page here!


  • Pugzy’s kitchen

Homemade dog treats and dog food made from 100% human-grade ingredients. They offer liver bites, pupcakes, chicken jerky, liver brownies and more!

When would I need this stuff?

Your dog’s birthday! They make the cutest cakes and cupcakes in the shape of bones and paws, so your best friend can have a delicious treat on his/her birthday.

Any tips?

Custom orders are undertaken for allergy concerns, so you need not worry!

Check out their Instagram page here!


  • Minimal Simple

ATTENTION! TYPO IS HEREE! The closest thing to Typo is Minimal.Simple, and they’re are minimal, simple and have the quirkiest home decor and accessories. Light-up chalkboards, notepads, pens, grid hangers and essentially everything to make your room look right out of a Tumblr post!

When would I need this stuff?

Decorating bedrooms, particularly kids bedrooms. Even decorating your own living room, and want to really keep it simple.

Any tips?

They do sell out quite rapidly, so keep an eye out!

Head on over to their Instagram page here to take a look at their amazing stuff!


  • Pandora’s Box

Beautiful pieces of women’s clothing and items that are perfect for a night out! They offer quite a few products from ASOS, but now with them its for a much more reasonable price.

When would I need this stuff?

They have one of each, and sometimes varying colors, but still one of each type, so if you want to prevent an outfit clash, here you go!

Any tips?

They sell-out fast so enable post notifications on Instagram for their page. Also, they let you fit on when they deliver, so that’s a definite bonus.

Check out their cute outfits here!

  • Euphoria Colombo

Chokers, body stickers and rings galore! Their accessories are definitely one of a kind and they don’t offer the generic body art and jewelry, but have products that are Coachella must-haves. Their chokers are unique and body stickers come in a variety of colors.

When would I need this stuff?

Summer’s right around the corner so NOW! Their jewelry is very versatile, you can wear them at the beach and at a party, so its definitely worth it to shop here.

Any tips?

Talk to them about your size, as awkward as it may sound, with chokers, rings and head accessories. The size is very important so just chat with them about them and ensure it’ll fit.

Take a look at their must-have accessories here!


These are just a few online stores to make your shopping more convenient, fun, fashionable, and most importantly affordable; happy shopping!


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