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Hikes, Vlogs and YouTube

2021 Dec 31

Travel and YouTube have become quite the popular combo on the waves of the Sri Lankan Internet. And among the many content creators that upload their content on YouTube, a certain channel called “Travel With Wife” has been creating some unique and exciting travel content with their vlogs. So, dive deeper into the Travel With Wife experience, we sat down to have a chat with them!


How did the two of you meet?

Kasun: Well, both of us met on the train. We used to work 9 -5 jobs. But our love story began on the train. We continued to work our jobs for another year before we started the vlog. That was in 2018 and we’ve been doing that ever since!


What about before you got married? Did you want to travel like this back then?

Chamari: We did want to, but we never thought it would be to this extent. We used to go on small one day trips and we did talk about travelling after we married but after we did marry we couldn’t do anything at all due to our work. But we did go on a trip for our anniversary.  We did a small video about that but we didn’t publish it. But we did start with posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram.


What video do you think is your break-out video?

Kasun: I think it’s the first one itself. The Diyaluma one. Even though our friends and colleagues had watched it at first, it was surprising for them since we don’t usually talk a lot. But that made them share it with everyone and during that time, the fact that we were a couple was a new thing on the internet, this intrigued a lot of people and made it go viral.


What’s your favorite place to visit in Sri Lanka?

Chamari: We absolutely love Jaffna. Ella used to be our favourite place to visit but ever since we visited Jaffna it has become a place close to our hearts. We’ve been to Jaffna two or three times and it’s a whole new world out there. New places, new food and new people. It’s totally unique.


What kind of advice can you give to people who do travel vlogs?

Kasun: A lot of viewers want details. Places to stay, prices, the conditions and even how to get there. This is all valuable information. Even we didn’t include things like these when we started doing our videos but after we started listening to our feedback, we realised that information like this is very important.  Now we include all of that. The beauty of the place is not the only priority. The people need details as well and this is very important for any blogger.


What’s your editing process like?

Kasun: I do the editing myself. And it takes quite a while too. We have drone shots, videos from the phone, the footage from the GoPro and it takes time to co-ordinate all of that. It takes about a week to edit a full video. Editing in a hurry will not work. You must look at all the footage and make a story. Sometimes when we make a video, we’ve created a whole new story that’s not at all like the actual trip we went on. So that’s entertaining to us as well!


You had a baby recently. How did your dynamic change with her?

Chamari: With the baby, our whole world turned upside down. We used to a much more relaxed life, going wherever we wanted. But now when planning where to go, we must plan it according to Elina’s needs. We have to think about her comfort and safety. But she does enjoy these trips a lot! She enjoys them so much that we feel that she also has our love for travel! So, we give her priority always.  But that doesn’t mean that we’ve abandoned our enjoyment!


What sort of challenges have you faced while running channel?

Kasun: A number of people like to criticize our channel because we have to carry all of this equipment everywhere we go. They think that it ruins the experience. But we like doing it and we are prepared for it. We’ve also received a ton of hate comments. When we started the channel, there were a lot of people who were unhappy with our name. And not only the name, there are a ton of people who would post negative comments for various reasons. But now we’re used to it and we will continue like this.


What about the support you have received from people?

Kasun: The support we’ve received has been incredible. People keep suggesting ideas and we examine and incorporate the best one’s into our channel. An example of that would be at first I wouldn’t do the talking. Only Chamari would talk on the channel, and it was only because of the viewers did I start to talk as well. The sheer amount of positive feedback is amazing.


What sort of plans do you have in the future?

Kasun: In the short term, we started a small tree planting project for Elina’s birthday and we’d also be thrilled to have our own merchandise. But in the long run our goal is to somehow travel the whole world as a family and we are working towards that.