Everything else.. Health X Launches New App

Health X Launches New App

2021 Apr 9

The saying ‘Health is Wealth’ is true in every sense because good health is certainly a treasure to all of us, especially in these trying times when the coronavirus pandemic is still running rampant across the globe. Being able and healthy in mind, body and soul is of paramount importance and this is why the health sector is one of the biggest juggernauts out there. Health X is the newest, promising introduction to the health sector in Sri Lanka and the initiatives taken by them are, thus far, very much commendable. As staunch believers of the saying that ‘Prevention is better than cure’, Health X is taking strides in the right direction for a healthier and happier Sri Lanka.

One such exciting initiative by HealthX was the launch of their very own app. The concept was spearheaded by HealthX with the main motive of ‘Inspiring People for a Healthier Nation’. The app comes with a plethora of amazing features like easy consultations for your nearest doctor, detailed medical history of a patient, easy access to lab tests, and prescriptions that are sent directly to pharmacies. Furthermore, patients will also be able to consult the doctors with the least hassle while also being able to choose the method of consultancy – whether it’s a dispensary visit, online consultation or home visit. Health X sought the services of general physicians for this purpose as the majority of them practice privately as well.

The launch of the app took place on the 3rd of April 2021 at Kingsbury and the event was graced by all the doctors who signed up with Health X for their app. The event’s proceedings began at 8:30 pm with the presence of many esteemed preventers. A welcome speech was given by the Head of Acquisitions, Mr. Kanishka. The doctors on board with HealthX also had an app demonstration conducted by Mr. Chamika, who is the Assistant Manager of Strategic Relations, and Ms. Mayuri, who is the Head of Operations at Health X.

The Health X app is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka to introduce dispensary visits and home visits via the app with General Physicians. The app can also be used as an ERP system for doctors as all the features such as lab reports, prescriptions and patient history has been integrated within the app. The event came to a close with plenty of positive feedback from the doctors present at the event.

The main purpose behind the event was to raise awareness regarding the HealthX app and to get doctors to engage with the app as well. With the company’s goal being to inspire people towards a healthier tomorrow, the team decided to dedicate the event to one of society’s greatest inspirers – our doctors. With strong principles and a willing eagerness to help build a healthier nation, it looks like Health X is very much on course to create a positive and healthier impact in society.