Everything else.. Gun Sales in the US Leading up to Election Day

Gun Sales in the US Leading up to Election Day

2020 Nov 3

The 3rd of November 2020 marks an important day for the entire world as one of the leading global powerhouses elects its new leader. The United States of America is dominated by two political parties – The Democrats and The Republicans. Donald J. Trump currently leads the Republican party and is running for his second term in office as the President of the United States. The Republicans stand for a conservative ruling philosophy, where social and human ideas are based on individual rights. This includes lower taxes, civilian gun rights and greater restrictions on immigration. 

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Trump’s opponent this year is Joseph Biden, better known as Barack Obama’s Vice President from the Democratic Party. They believe in a more liberal ruling approach, with the community and social responsibility given a greater priority.

With results beginning to release on the eve of Election Day (3rd), Republican supporters have begun preparing themselves for the worst. Various news channels from the US have confirmed that some of Trump’s supporters had begun stocking up on guns and ammunition since the beginning of 2020, in case their candidate loses the election later in the year. They believe that Trump’s loss will spark an unimaginable civil war with the Liberals. 

Together with the Coronavirus pandemic and Racial Justice Protests, gun sales in the US for the year have skyrocketed to an estimated record of 30 million guns, with the majority being new gun owners as per a firearms analytical company. This accounts for 120.5 guns per 100 people living in the country. Upon further analysis, it was revealed that lawlessness and government instability were major concerns that contributed to the purchase of these weapons. Some citizens have also stated that they are worried that a new government would “go too far” and sanction the release of prisoners. 

Having repeatedly criticized the country’s election process in the open, Donald Trump had adamantly stated that he would not accept the poll results if they go against him. Resulting from this statement, his supporters who also believe that the election will be rigged in favour of Biden, have decided to take action into their own hands. As such, there have been several militias groups formed to aid police departments in ensuring fair and unbiased proceedings in the days leading up to and after the election.  In their efforts to supplement the police force, States with greater support to a Democrat government have witnessed an increase in the number of individuals carrying weapons on the streets.

Speaking to a Republican supporter, Channel 10 News First from the US has reported that a shooting range has been set up in the Virginia woods, where he has been practising his gunfire. The supporter also houses a collection of military-grade weapons, ammunition, and off-road vehicles;  claiming that he will be more than willing to supply firearms to any patriot willing to fight for their rights against the Liberals (or “easy meat” as he calls them). 

In order to minimise strife resulting from the results of Election Day, organisations have begun taking measures to ensure that they do not play a role in a potential civil war. The country’s leading retail store, Walmart, has decided to remove its guns and ammunition from its sales floor as a precaution against break-ins following the elections. These items have been moved to a secure location and will be put back on its shelves after the results, depending on the situation as informed by a Walmart spokesperson. Furthermore, recognising the role social media plays in the case of civil conflict, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that the company has taken sound measures to ensure that the passing of provocative misinformation is minimised. 

While the fierce presidential campaigns between the two candidates have officially come to an end with the arrival of Election day, the citizens of the United States of America remain restless. What is in store for them in the upcoming days? Is the country on the brink of a full-blown civil war?


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