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2015 Sep 19

Dear men,

Okay, here’s the harsh reality. Approaching a girl is hard and getting in her pants is even harder unless you are a pickup artist. Now you must be wondering how to master the skill of being a pickup artist. If you clearly haven’t conquered the art of seduction but still want to get laid with a woman, you’ve come to the right place.

Why should you spend your life wondering what it might be like to sleep with a girl you desire? Regrettably, many men will do nothing about this problem. Most people will just tell themselves: “I am simply not good with women”. However, the guys who get all the action are the ones who changed their attitude!

The truth is no one comes into the world knowing how to seduce a woman, but gladly we can do a lot of things to enhance our probabilities to get her into bed.

Here are some tips that will help you approach a girl and get laid with her:

Don’t talk about it right at the beginning

If you start to talk to her about sex too soon, she’s going to panic and think that you’re a depraved man. Actually, most women can’t stand men who are too sexually aggressive; this attitude usually takes them outside of their comfort zone. Just put yourself in her shoes; a lot of men out there are depraved or pervs, and nearly all women have come across that type of person at least once in their lifetime.

Whenever you start talking about sex too soon, you look like a man who simply desires to have sex; even if you are, don´t let her know! Women are sentimental, so they don’t want to be seen just as a body to toy with.

Of course, this rule of thumb doesn’t necessarily apply to online chats, since women feel safe and are willing to act a little spicy. Still, don’t act sexually aggressive until you know her intentions. If she only wants to talk, this will still open the path to get her to bed eventually.


Also, avoid pick-up lines unless you master the art of seduction. If you don’t do it right, then you will definitely look phony.

Get a little online action before the real deal

Women tend to be more open and care-free when using online chats. If you are able to get some action online, then it will be a lot easier to get laid, when you met her in person. Women are more uninhibited when using online chats… Even if a woman is not willing to have online sex now, she will trust you and it will be easier to get her into bed.

Become irresistible


Meeting a girl is one thing, but convincing her to let you in her pants is another. Building a woman’s desire is the best tool you have to get her to bed. Even if a woman really likes you, this does not imply she will have sexual intercourse or online sex with you. You need to learn how to turn her on. This is not as hard as you may think, because deep down women are as horny as men, but they hide it better.

Timing is key

After a woman is aroused, you don’t want to wait too long. It is important to create a comfortable environment where she can share her feelings and experiences, but if this goes for too long you may end up stuck in the “friend zone”. Keep in mind that you may get a last-minute resistance from her, but if you keep pushing on in a subtle way she will finally give in; don’t be too pushy either, because this may also be a sign that she isn’t ready yet. Learning how to get laid is an art rather than science. But you need to respect a woman for who she is. Women aren’t toys, women aren’t cigarettes only good for a few puffs of smoke. If she isn’t ready, don’t force her to be. If she is, well, it’s your lucky day!


Women who think you need some advice


  1. I’m so surprised to see how women themselves write these sort of articles to give men ideas to use a woman to fulfill their desires and its funny at the end it says women are not cigarettes who are good enough for a while because the whole article is about how to trick a woman to use her. This is disgusting….


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