Everything else.. Double XL Flagship Store Opens at Reid Avenue!

Double XL Flagship Store Opens at Reid Avenue!

2021 Dec 17

Adhisha Dahanayake, the Founder and CEO of Double XL, reached another milestone as she opened the newest Double XL Flagship Store at Reid Avenue. Double XL is the first retail store in Sri Lanka offering clothing options specifically for plus-sized women and men.

We spoke to this trailblazing entrepreneur about her inspiration behind Double XL and the exciting developments she has in store for her loyal customer base. And to say that she inspired us would be an understatement.


Double XL was introduced to the market from their very first store at Duplication Road, where it has stood strong for 12 years. She spoke to us about how she was emotionally attached to the store at Duplication Road, as it reminded her of the good old days and the struggles she faced when she was bringing this new concept to the Sri Lankan market.


Seeing that many plus-sized people were hesitant to express their style, she is proud to have been at the forefront to break the stigma around fashion for plus-sized people. After working towards this goal for the past 12 years, Adhisha was determined to give her customers an Extra Large experience and move to her latest flagship store with a much bigger space for more clothing options and a car park for extra convenience.


With the new move, Adhisha and her team have introduced clothing options for teens called “Teen Double XL” to further break the stigma and allow teenagers in Sri Lanka to embrace and be confident in their body. Additionally, after 2 to 3 years of thorough experimenting, and trial and error, they have introduced “Double XL Active”, providing a variety of activewear options and gym clothes for plus-sized women and men interested in staying active and healthy. She expressed how this was a massive achievement for the brand, as inventing active clothes for plus-sized people is complex due to people’s different body types.


They have also been selling accessories such as shoes and handbags for the longest time, and they were facing many problems due to import restrictions caused by the pandemic. But now, they have been able to speak to a few local suppliers, and provide them with advance payments and support, to produce the right accessories for Double XL.

They are also in the process of planning to launch a lingerie brand for plus-sized women, which will move to international waters within the next few months.

What makes this brand so unique is that Adhisha, being a plus-sized, confident woman, was able to provide her customers with clothing options that she herself was struggling to find. She made sure that no other plus-sized individual would have to go through the same struggle. She explained that many customers were reluctant to walk into the store to purchase clothing items in the beginning, as they were conscious about how they looked. But now, years later, she sees them walking confidently into the store to find clothing options that help them express themselves to the world.


We hope that other brands in the country would take Adhisha and her team as an example and join them in this movement for inclusivity and empowerment!