Everything else.. A Celebration of “Shame”

A Celebration of “Shame”

2019 Jul 5

I present to you the Bikini. The most shameful piece of attire of them all…or so they say.

On the other hand, there’s the Ambude. It’s equally skimpy when it comes to the fabric department but not at all shameful. On the contrary, it’s viewed as a cultural symbol of sorts.

As “liberal” as I am, I still feel weird when I’m watching TV with my parents and a girl in a bikini comes across the screen. Why is one okay and the other not?

On this glorious day where we celebrate the bikini (yes, it’s international bikini day) let’s try to get to the bottom of this.

It’s part of our culture

The moment I bring up this point with anyone the first answer I get is that “The ambude is part of our culture neh so it’s okay.” On the other hand, bikinis are “Not respectable because Sri Lankan women are more modest.”

If culture is your biggest concern you need to get this straight. Historically Sri Lanka is not the most modest country. Those historical photographs of topless women living their life is a good example of this. On top of that, culture is something that’s always changing and we need to get on with the times!

The whole men vs. women thing

If you keep culture aside there’s the whole debate about how it’s totally not okay for a woman to show her body but when a man does it, it’s totally fine.

Read that again but slowly.

Not only is this sexist but it’s none of your business, so chill!

Think of the children!

This is literally the biggest concern that people have where bikinis are concerned and their main issue is that seeing a woman in a bikini will corrupt our poor children’s pure minds. Reality check guys, it’s the adults around the child that sexualizes the whole thing and thereby projects these terrible corrupt thoughts.

There’s honestly nothing sexual about a man in an ambude and there is nothing sexual about a woman in a bikini so get your mind out of the gutter and the children will be fine.

You see, like many other things the whole bikini fiasco is all about the way people think. There is nothing inherently wrong with either the bikini or the ambude.

We just need to get our priorities straight, focus on our own lives, and let people live there’s the way they want to.


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