Everything else.. We Can’t Wear Tank Tops or Skinnies To The Gym?

We Can’t Wear Tank Tops or Skinnies To The Gym?

2017 Jun 23

We live in a world where a very vast majority of us fight for equal rights, freedom of speech, and freedom of expression and so on and so forth. Given that this day and age is as such, I think that it is quite obvious that people should be allowed to wear what they want to wear, when they want to and where they want. Albeit there are special circumstances where people should understand that they have to dress a particular way (for instance, when visiting religious places because it is important to give such beliefs and culture the respect they are due).

Nonetheless, when we head over to the gym to work out, we need to feel comfortable in the outfits we decide to wear because exercising in discomfort is not easy and neither should you have to do so.

However, it appears that a popular gym chain in Sri Lanka think otherwise. Among the many controversial scenarios occurring in the country as of now, the drama surrounding the ban on wearing tank tops and skinnies to the said gym has reached a peak.

It all started with a post that was shared on the Facebook page of the Consumer Association of Sri Lanka.   

This post was accompanied by a photograph of a letter that Mr. Fernandez received from the gym expressing their dislike at what he had to say about the ridiculous ban on the aforementioned attire.

As it is in such situations, the post obviously managed to become quite viral with everyone sharing Mr. Fernandez’s post.

At first people assumed that it was probably the actions of a possibly egotistical man or that they merely couldn’t handle the fact that they had gotten negative comments that resulted in the termination of Mr. Fernandez’s gym membership. However, as events unfolded, it has been established that the management of of the gym is also in support of the General Manager who issued the letter of membership cancellation. We say so, because of the following statement issued by them.

In light of the ban, as well as the alleged inability to handle negative remarks, the once spick and span reputation of the gym is now, let’s say, not so clean. As of yesterday, they had an average rating of 1.7 on their Facebook page.

However, when we checked out their page today, it appeared that they opted to discontinue the review feature on their Facebook page. (Yikes!)

Below are a mere handful of reviews that were left on the gym’s Facebook page:



So, what have you to say about this?



Yes, I totally agree with gym’s Management. You have to dress decently.
What nonsense is this?!
Meh, I don’t really care…

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