Everything else.. Bronzed and Beautiful – An Initiative by Sothys

Bronzed and Beautiful – An Initiative by Sothys

2020 Jan 27

This year, Sothys Sri Lanka will be celebrating their 5 year Anniversary since the launch of the “Bronzed and Beautiful” campaign in 2014. The ‘Bronzed and Beautiful’ story counters the common Southeast Asian belief that lighter skin is more attractive than a darker skin tone.  Advertising and skin care products have continually reinforced this belief in society, leading many Southeast Asians to believe that just being fair alone, is beautiful.


According to Soraya De Zoysa of Sothys Sri Lanka, “The Bronzed and Beautiful campaign is about celebrating our Sri Lankan identity and skin tone. Sri Lankans are blessed with beautiful caramel and mocha complexions which are very much sought after. We are a bronzed and beautiful nation, so don’t let family, friends and commercials bully you into thinking otherwise. I really do hope this campaign will help people all over to love the skin they’re in!”.


In an initiative to counteract the adverse effects of the perceived stigma of a darker skin tone, Sothys Sri Lanka hopes to shed a spot light on the importance of working toward healthy and glowing skin. They hope to drive this initiative by supporting healthy skin of all shades and encouraging everyone to “Love the skin you’re in!”.



YOU by The Wax Museum Director Nadiya Fernando stated “Dark skin has had a negative stigma globally from the beginning of written history. Its origin comes from a classist perspective where the working classes were identified as having darker skin as they were exposed to the sun due to the jobs they had to do. Fast forward to today in Asia, we still carry this stigma partly because of the same classist notions and partly because of colonisation. The reason understanding this history is important is because it helps us realize that there is no real relationship between beauty and skin colour; it is only a perception that has been accepted blindly from one generation to the other. Campaigns like ‘Bronzed and Beautiful’ are crucial in making people realize that there is no standard for beauty. It truly is in the eye of the beholder”.



Transformational Coach Yohan Seth Perera believes that both men and women experience insecurities and self-esteem issues due to cultural conditioning. “I think it is important to recognise and shed a spot light on the fact that brown skin in its different variations, regardless of how light or dark, is beautiful and unique to where we come from. It’s not about the colour, but the radiance and health that shines through. This campaign satisfies a crucial need of South Asian society to help restore healthy beauty standards that will connect each individual into embracing ones unique natural beauty”.



“Having been in the film industry for over a decade, I’ve seen how being fair is considered almost to be a prerequisite. Many take short-term measures to achieve fair skin, however this could result in serious consequences in the long-term. Your investment should be in your talent, your craft and your capabilities. Looks will be an added advantage but your talent and effort will take you all the way. The ‘Bronzed and Beautiful’ campaign is a good initiative to promote skin positivity in a day and age when it’s much needed. It’s easy to get carried away and influenced by social media, but it’s important to discover and be your authentic self. Campaigns such as these helps create awareness across a wider audience, inspiring you to be comfortable in your own skin, be proud of who you are and conquer the world.” says Actress Yureni Noshika.


In order to help drive this initiative, Sothys Sri Lanka has partnered with prominent figures across different industries, to share their stories and highlight the importance of healthy skin and a healthy level of self-esteem. The ‘Bronzed and Beautiful’ photoshoot is a tool to raise awareness that colour of one’s skin has little to do with one’s success, acceptance, value or beauty.


Sothys Sri Lanka Marketing Manager Christina Alphonsus stated “We are really happy that Sothys Sri Lanka is totally on board and in step with a topic of discussion that has been in the spot light all over the world that is skin colour and how it unrealistically defines what it means to be ‘beautiful’. We really support taking care of your skin with healthy skin care practices, a healthy life style and a positive mindset. Personally, I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than glowing from the inside out and that is what we stand for as a brand.”


Sothys will be supporting this campaign by offering a complementary Sothys skin care product with every facial, for the duration of this campaign.


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