Everything else.. A Step Closer to Mindful Living: Yoga Classes in Colombo

A Step Closer to Mindful Living: Yoga Classes in Colombo

2021 Jul 6

In a world where the sun never sets on the hustle and bustle, taking time to relax, relieving yourself from the constant stress you have to endure, and practising mindfulness are of utmost importance. Yoga, as you may already know, is a mind and body practise that combines physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation.

If you are interested in taking a step closer to mindful living, fret not, for we have curated a list of yoga studios and classes in Colombo, for you to give yourself much needed time to destress, relax and unwind.

Prana Lounge

Located in Horton Place, Colombo 7, Prana Lounge provides you with an all-in-one experience when it comes to relaxation, self-discovery and healing. They offer a range of wellbeing and treatment modalities for healing through yoga and meditation classes conducted for beginner, intermediate and expert candidates, health-related therapies and other events and workshops. They have a clinic that offers a variety of contemporary health practices such as homoeopathy, reiki, physiotherapy, ayurveda and acupuncture. You could get in touch with them for further information and inquiries via:

Website: https://www.pranalounge.lk

Telephone: 0112 684 808 / 0765 575 556

Instagram: @pranaloungecolombo

Facebook: Prana Lounge Colombo

The Om Space

Situated in Havelock Road, Colombo 5, The Om Space is dedicated to teaching different styles of yoga that suits any individual; whether it’s for a beginner, an intermediate, a child or even a pregnant mother. They could help you find the class that is most suitable for you, based on your requirements, the pace that you’re comfortable with and what you hope to gain out of making yoga a practice. You could contact them for further inquiries and information via:

Website: https://www.theomspace.lk

Telephone: 0114 514 866

Facebook: The OM Space

Nanda Sri Hatha Yoga Institute

Located in Kohuwala, Nugegoda, Guru Nanda Siriwardana who specialises in Hatha yoga, conducts classes for beginners, intermediates and seasoned practitioners, to promote good health and contribute to longevity and overall positivity, happiness and peace in body, mind and soul. Guru Nanda Siriwardana also helps to mitigate common health problems that we face on the daily such as mental stress, diabetes, hypertension, migraine headaches and spine problems through the practice of Hatha yoga. Contact them for further inquiries and information via:

Website: http://nandasri-hathayoga.com/index.html

Telephone: 0112 810 671 / 0777 264 034

Body Bar

Body Bar, in Jawatte Avenue, Colombo 5, is a studio that promotes fitness through yoga, cardiovascular and resistance-training exercise and dance. You could opt for different membership durations according to your requirements, ranging from annual and bi-annual to quarterly, monthly and weekly. If you are looking to try out a range of exercises while practising yoga, Body Bar just might be the place for you. Contact them for any inquiries or more information via:

Website: https://www.bodybar.lk

Telephone: 0112 505 462

Instagram: @bodybar.lk

Facebook: Body Bar

Yoga Arogya Kendra (Body & Beyond)

Yoga Arogya Kendra, which nestles in Dehiwala, is done by Mr. Aanantharavi and Ms. A. Nathiba. Maestros in the art, they are internationally acclaimed instructors. They conduct classes that teach different styles of yoga and can even create personalised schedules and routines that best suit you, according to your requirements. To those of you who prefer to practise yoga at home, they conduct home visits as well. Contact them for any further information or inquiries via:

Website: https://yoga-arogya-kendra.weebly.com

Telephone: 0773 286 582 / 0755 946 550

Astanka Yoga Mandir

Astanka Yoga Mandir, located in Ridgeway Place, Colombo 3, aims to help people make yoga a practise in order to improve their health physically, mentally and spiritually. They teach different types and styles of yoga for people of different age groups to suit their requirements and what each individual hopes to gain from making yoga a practice. They also teach therapy yoga, which promotes a more mindful yoga practice that is intertwined with meditation. You can contact them for more information and inquiries via:

Website: http://www.yoga.lk/

Telephone: 0777 274 859

Facebook: Astanka Yoga Mandir

Yoga by Aaron Wickramasekara 

Aaron Wickramasekara, one of the most popular yoga teachers in Colombo, conducts yoga classes at T&A Fitness located in Flower Road, every week. They release weekly schedules for each class on the T&A Fitness Instagram page and the sessions must be pre-booked in order for you to participate. Aaron also conducts transformational yoga retreats where you will travel to a more peaceful city in the outskirts of Colombo for a day and dedicate that day to mindfulness as you practise different styles of yoga. Contact them for more information and inquiries via:

Website: https://aaronwik.com

Telephone: 0776 859 992

Instagram: @aaron_wick or @tafitnesslk

Babaji’s Kriya Yoga

Babaji’s Kriya Yoga is an internationally acclaimed ashram that is situated in Kotahena Street, Colombo 13. They strive to bring the ancient Indian yoga practices to the heart of Colombo, in order to help people with stress management, while their other programmes are bound to improve their overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being. For any further inquiries and information, contact them via:

Website: https://www.babajiskriyayoga.net/english/home.htm

Telephone: 0776 055 359 / 0774 397 339

Yoga by Annie Au

Annie Au is a certified Yin yoga instructor who conducts free training programmes for yoga enthusiasts who are looking to become certified Yin yoga teachers. You can check out her free programmes through her website or contact her via Instagram for further information and inquiries:

Website: https://linktr.ee/annie_au_yoga

Instagram: @annie_au_yoga

Anoja Weerasinghe

Anoja Weerasinghe, a well-known Yoga instructor in Colombo, conducts classes at the Abhina Yoga Ashram, focusing on beginners, intermediates and advanced students on different days. She runs a Facebook page called Sivananda Abhina Yoga Gurukula, where she posts all updates regarding the yoga classes she hosts, and she also posts regular videos on YouTube, for anyone interested to practice at home. You can check out her programmes and contact her for further information via:

Facebook Page: Sivananda Abhina Yoga Gurukula

Telephone: 0772 292 662

And there you have it! We would love to read your mindfulness journey and experiences in the comments below if you try out any of the yoga classes mentioned above. Until next time, stay happy, healthy and safe!