Everything else.. 5 Things Lankan Parents Have to Put Up With

5 Things Lankan Parents Have to Put Up With

2018 Feb 27

Parents in general deal with so much due to their kids’ mischief. Triple the usual parent’s agony and distress and you might corner a Sri Lankan parent’s plight. We Lankan kids are pros at getting permission at the expense of an array of meticulously made excuses and the occasional guilt trip, and when these do not work, we too have our fair share of things to deal with. 

So amidst all the excuses and tantrums, here’s a list of things Lankan parents have to deal with.

1. Late nights

Most of us have curfews but do we stick to them? Not so much. We argue, discuss and somehow stretch that curfew time to another hour or at least half an hour (if there is wiggle room you go for it!) because half an hour more at a party means more dancing and more drinks (more time to sober up). Even then, much to our parents’ dismay we do not make it home on time and they stay up. Excuses include: “Amma they still haven’t even served dinner yet so I’ll be getting a little late,” or “Thaththa I have the keys don’t worry and I’ll get an Uber from someone else’s phone.”

2. Scandalous clothing

Despite the fact that most of our fashion trends these days stem from vintage inspired looks, some designs just cannot be handled by our parents. Girls have to put up with various outfit changes before going out and boys step out of the house with the risk of looking like a “rasthiyadu fellow”. Ripped jeans and crop tops are a father’s worst nightmare so forget about going out in such skimpy clothing. Clothes are NOT meant to have holes in them, okay. Clothes are meant for warmth!

3. Advancements in technology

Probably the hardest task of them all, keeping up with smartphones. Lollipop, Marshmallow and Oreo are types of candy to parents, not versions of Android. They cannot fathom how we spend the better part of our day texting away without a care in the world or how we are glued to our computer screens as we binge-watch the latest. Lankan parents, especially have to put up with this phenomenon called technology taking over their world so much so that Lanka cannot function without it. Hence, the relentless questions “Aney putha, teach me how to use this will you *gestures at phone*” and “Putha, what is ROFL?” Yes, embracing the developments in tech is a Lankan parent’s toughest conquest.

4. Food wastage

A mother’s biggest horror is seeing your lunch box still full at the end of the day. “What did you eat? I woke up at 4am to prepare this for you!” No, really. There is a special place in hell for the children who eat out instead of eating what our parents give us. We get a lecture for it, and the cycle repeats. Excuses include: “But it was *insert friend’s name* treat!” or “Amma, don’t worry I gave it to a beggar/fed it to an animal,” (even if you didn’t give it to a beggar/animal, and threw it instead.) Excuse after excuse, because one excuse is never enough.

5. Ringing, ringing, NO answer

So we go out, do not stick to our curfews and what more? We don’t answer even one of the dozen calls we get in fear of another dozen questions at the end of the line. Lankan parents make the worst assumptions, albeit with good reason. A phone that is switched off results in the next best alternative, a friend’s phone, or a few friends’ phones. It depends on the time to no answer ratio, really. Excuses include: “Thaththa my battery died, I’m sorry,” which leads to the question “So why didn’t you charge it?” which yet again leads to another excuse, “No charger nuh.”


So there you go Sri Lanka, a few points of what your parents have to put up with! So go show them some love because you are a lot to handle, even if you don’t know it. (tsk tsk)

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5 Things Lankan Kids Have To Put Up With