Everything else.. 5 Things To Know To Be Ready For Avurudu

5 Things To Know To Be Ready For Avurudu

2017 Apr 12

by Aazam Ameen

Kohaa Kohaa, the Asian Koel sings. To an avid bird enthusiast, this harmonious song signifies that the mating season has begun, where males call out to look for a partner to begin courtship. However to us Lankans, this song means so much more as it tells us that the Aluth Avurudda is approaching. Alas, it’s that time of the year again! So sit back and read on as we bring to you, five things you need to know to be ready for Avurudu.

  • It’s time to get traditional.

Much like most native New Year celebrations around the world, we have our own set of traditions that are followed. All of them have their own significance; everything from having the last bath of the old year to witnessing the boiling pot of bubbling milk. Not to mention the Ahara anubawaya, the first meal at the Avurudu table of which I’m sure all of you wait patiently for. In this day age we are so caught up in our own little bubbles that we tend to turn a blind eye to our cultural traditions. The aluth avurudda almost serves as a wakeup call to us, reminding us of our roots. These traditions also serve as a way to bring family together, everyone from the youngest to the eldest.

  • Prepare that bank balance for the offers and discounts.

As I’m sure you all know, shopping plays a large role during this time of year. New clothes are central as many refresh their wardrobes. The home is not forgotten either, curtains, upholstery, furniture, you name it. We strive to make our homely setting clean to signify a new beginning. Many of our local stores capitalize on this by offering insane discounts on credit and debit cards. If you’re on the lookout to grab some hot offers, do check out our “Keeping up with Lankan Offers & Discounts” column. Happy shopping!

  • Stock up on firepower.

Fireworks aren’t readily available in Colombo, so if you’re a pyromaniac like me I’m pretty sure you eagerly wait for this time of year to get your fix. My personal favorites include Sky Rockets and good ol’ fashioned rathinya. Why? Well because sparklers and Catherine wheels are mere child’s play. So go on and make some noise and join in on the fun. *Disclaimer: Responsible fun people, you are dealing with gunpowder* Also another quick tip, if you have pets, do keep them indoors as the noise could get pretty unbearable for our four legged furry friends. ☺

  • Be prepared to take care of the food baby.

Good food is an integral part of Avurudu celebrations. See it isn’t just good food, there’s going to be loads of good food inclusive of your Ammi’s decadent Kiribath to those oh-so-glorious plates of sweet meat that your neighbors bless you with. You’re most likely going to feel a little tubby the day after and no, it isn’t because calories are little monsters that sneak into your room at night and sew all your clothes tighter. So maybe you should rethink having as much Kokis as last year….. I’m only kidding! Who can resist Kokis? You can check out how to make these goodies here!

  • Get ready to get physical.

The perfect way to lose some of the extra pounds you just gained is to join in on one of your neighborhood Avurudu games. Fancy a game of Kotta Pora? Wouldn’t it be fun to smack someone with a pillow and knock them off a wooden pole? If that doesn’t sound like you, maybe you have the skills to participate in a lime and spoon race (this was never my forte). Either way, you will find something that suits you; only if you are able to move around while having a food baby. Personally, I think I’ll just have a nice nap instead.

Image Courtesy of trip2lanka.com

So that pretty much sums up our take on the five things you need to know to be ready for Avurudu. One more thing that needs to be said before I let you get back to whatever you were doing, Oba Samata Suba Aluth Avuruddak Wewa! Have a great one folks! Do take care until next time ☺