Everything else.. 10 Tips to Stop Worrying

10 Tips to Stop Worrying

2017 Dec 7

Worrying is a regular issue in our day-to-day lives. Pretty much affecting everyone, it could help maintain productivity when say you have to rush to prepare for that exam to avoid failing but it more often hinders the process. There comes a point when a line is crossed, when worrying affects your productivity, your social life and your health until you can’t view things from a clear perspective. Here are some ways to help clear your mind and deal with such worries that have you in a chokehold.


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Sometimes you just need a break to chase off all your anxious feelings. Your time off can range from getting lost in a book to taking strolls outside or even going on that trip you always tend to postpone. Keeping your mind busy helps you slowly adjust to your worries and if you take a break to do more calming activities, you may be able to view your issues from a clearer perspective and manage to tackle them without the emotional breakdown that was threatening you before.

2. Control your Breathing

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Another popular calming technique that can be done without the hassle of moving around is slow, deep breathing. Now, you may count to ten or just keep controlling your breathing until you feel more stabilized. Breath control helps control your heart rate so the next time life hits you in the face, remember to take a breather.

3. Proper Exercise and Diet

For those of you always worried that your stamina will always leave you last in a race or stressed out about your waistline, this is a healthy way to go about it. Needless to say, you need only turn to your mother for a healthy diet but exercising regularly too goes a long way. Exercising also helps dispel anxious energy so when overwrought putting those leg muscles to use might be one of the healthiest ways of draining out those other emotional worries.

4. Don’t suffer alone

Suppressing your anxieties can be a dangerous thing to do. What is a friend for if not to help you throughthe lows as well assmile with you through the highs? If you and your boyfriend fight and you’re just hit with worry after worry that things just might not be the same again, what do you do next? Sometimes, your best bet is to talk things out and address the problem head on. Talking is as good an outlet as any to expelling anxious energy and can even stop issues in advance.

5. Counting Sheep

Picture this-you just can’t sleep no matter how hard you try. You have an important presentation tomorrow and its scaring the bejesus out of you that you may show up half dead with bags under your eyes. You take to the internet and Google provides you with a simple answer- counting sheep.Does Counting sheep really put you to sleep? Not really,no. However, it does tend to relax your mind until you find yourself in a state where you can afford to fall asleep.

6. Control your expenses

It would come as no surprise that the main source of stress is financial issues. Come festive seasons such as Christmas, you’re probably going broke out of your mind in an attempt to keep your entire family happy.Precautionary measures must be made and guidelines must be set so you don’t have to Be overwrought at the thought of using up all your money. Keep a track of your expenses and discounts- discounts will definitely be your best friend.Do yourself a favour and grab a hold of an HSBC credit card for this upcoming Christmas season and get the maximum use of offers on discounts as they partner with shops and restaurants island-wide. Check out their offers here.

7. Avoid Online Addiction

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Internet to humans is as addictive as candy to kids. You probably stalk your ex or take to the screen to get lost in your woes when exam stress gets to you. The thing is, it becomes too frequent an occurrence that can be quite damaging to our mental health. The next time you need a break on a stressful day, head outside for a change of pace and environment. It can be quite effective in reflecting on yourself and calming the mind.

8. A time for everything- even to worry

It may sound absurd, but chronic worrying is very much a thing and scheduling a time to worry, as found in recent research, could ultimately reduce its frequency. Setting aside a part of your day to review your issues may help the rest of it become much more productive. If you find yourself to be a rather anxious person, this technique may be for you.

9. Mollycoddling

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If you’re an animal person, you’re sure to find some truth in these words. There is nothing quite as relaxing or mind clearing as spending some quality time with your pets. You may even find yourself regaling them with tales of woe but for the most part cuddles in general provide some great stress relief whether through animal or human companionship.

10. Above all, positivity is key

It takes a great deal to remain positive when overwhelmed with worry. The ability to recognize and embrace that not everything will turn out alright is a tough one we all have to experience. Try looking back on issues you never thought you’d make it out of-and yet here you are. Some time to yourself and rationalizing goes a long way in finding something positive to grab onto. We each have our own stability to find through our self-exploration for peace of mind.