Events Pegasus Reef Hotel hosts annual Christmas cake-mixing event

Pegasus Reef Hotel hosts annual Christmas cake-mixing event

2015 Nov 7

Pegasus Reef Beach Hotel in Hendala Wattala recently celebrated the start of the Christmas season, by hosting its annual cake-mixing event, which was attended by loyal guests, hotel staff and members of the local community.

The hotel is located in a predominately Christian area which celebrates the Christmas season with great pride, and as part of its commitment to celebrating all cultures and religions, Pegasus Reef Hotel has prepared a variety of Christmas events to run throughout the season. Pegasus Reef Hotel’s forthcoming Christmas and New Year festivities have been celebrated by the hotel since its inception and continue to be a key highlight in the hotel’s annual events calendar.

Pegasus Reef Chefs

The cake mixing event began in the afternoon and all the ingredients weighed a total of 130 kg, which were chopped finely to create the large cake which was fashioned to resemble the flying horse from ancient Greek mythology – Pegasus. Once the mixing was complete, the chef and his team poured the cake into a special mould and place it in storage for the fermentation process to begin. The cake will be completed on the 15th of December and will be served as a scrumptious dessert for guests of the hotel throughout holidays. Guests will be able to enjoy the carefully mixed cake at Pegasus Reef Hotel’s lunch and dinner buffets.

Commenting on the event, Harsha Jayasinghe, Resident Manager of Pegasus Reef Hotel stated, “We are proud to begin our Christmas festivities with our annual cake-mixing event, a long-standing tradition at this hotel. The Christmas season is very important for us, and we look forward to celebrating this time with our guests and members of the local community. We are becoming increasingly more aware of increased competition in the neighbourhood as more hotels are being built every day. Previously Pegasus shone like the star of this entire area, and now we will have to strengthen our offering in order to continue shining and attracting a steady flow of guests. To enhance our offering, we recently opened ‘The Fishery’, which enables us to showcase the country’s vast array of fresh fish as well as a unique dining concept where guests can select their ingredients and have them prepared right in front of them. Our hotel is situated in close proximity to the Muthurajawela Marsh and the iconic Hamilton Canal, we are also situated just 14 km away from Colombo and 24 km away from the airport, making it an ideal stop for travellers and local residents. We look forward to hosting our guests during this very important festive season and welcome guests to join our celebrations which will include carols and a delicious Christmas Eve buffet.”

Starting of the Cake Mixing

Pegasus Reef Beach Hotel made its entrance into the hospitality industry in the early 1970s. Its exotic surroundings with spectacular beach views seamlessly blend with the restful tranquility of the area. Conveniently located 20kms away from Bandaranaike International Airport and in close proximity to Colombo, Pegasus Reef Beach Hotel is remodeled and furnished with the most modern amenities. The hotel offers its guests a four star hotel experience, unlike any other and keeps its guests enthralled with a view of the Colombo Port, with its beautifully anchored ships, the historic Lighthouse and the Dikkowita Fishery Harbour.