Entertainment Suicide Squad Banned From Sri Lanka? No. But it won’t be showing...

Suicide Squad Banned From Sri Lanka? No. But it won’t be showing here either.

2016 Aug 10

By Rahal Wijewardene

The much anticipated Suicide Squad released to the world on August 6th and much like its predecessor of the DC Extended Universe (aka DC Cinematic Universe), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, it didn’t bode well with most film critics around the world. Rotten Tomatoes giving it only a rating of 26% (Just below DoJ which was at 27%), yet the fans thought otherwise, receiving high praise from the general public, the movie beat Guardians of The Galaxy and Deadpool to reach an opening weekend box office total of $133 mil.

When we spoke to Saman Athaudahetti, Chairman of the Censor Board he said that the movie hasn’t been submitted for approval yet and that therefore he cannot say anything about the movie. He further added that if any person/organization does wish to do a public screening of the movie that they would have to obtain approval of the Censor Board. Which obviously means the movie won’t be here anytime soon.

So why isn’t it in Sri Lanka yet? Well, it isn’t because the Government and the Censor board have banned the screening of the film (I mean they screened Deadpool and Fifty Shades of Grey!). There has been an issue with the Warner Brother’s Distributors in Sri Lanka, where, for a multitude of reasons, they could not secure the rights for the movie. Hence, unless our prayers are heard by the almighty, we most likely won’t be seeing a suicide screening in Sri Lanka anytime soon, if at all.

But we Sri Lankan’s have always been the optimistic type! So keep your prayers and hopes up, and maybe we’ll be able to secure those rights soon enough.


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