Entertainment The Family Trio Serenading Sri Lanka since 2013!

The Family Trio Serenading Sri Lanka since 2013!

2017 Aug 18

V3, the family trio that play music to serenade the soul, have a unique sound that finds them in demand by discerning music lovers across the island. With a repertoire that covers music from Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and others across a wide spectrum spanning modern classics and retro staples they are able to make each song their own. Further compounding this uniqueness is their incorporation of a ukulele that almost seems out of place until you hear it being played.

The three Vittachis, hence the name, have music coursing through their veins. Lenny, the father and senior partner, has an enviable music pedigree having been a member of top folk rock group Flame, then forming the much sought after Elixir before keeping it in the family with V3. Son Joshua is a multi-instrument playing prodigy. Daughter Shaenali has the voice of an angel with an inclination towards jazz and like her brother is a multi-instrumentalist playing the piano, guitar and ukulele.

This family of musicians play almost any genre of music and accommodate any request as testified by their impressive list of events at diplomatic functions, corporate events, weddings, and private soirees. These days V3 can be found playing at The Station on Saturdays from 7pm and Lenny plays solo at the venue on Wednesdays from 7pm. To add a unique sound to your next event please contact Lenny on 0777343062.


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