Entertainment Danu Awarded the WPDO Peace Ambassador Honorary Award

Danu Awarded the WPDO Peace Ambassador Honorary Award

2018 Apr 20

Making Sri Lanka proud!

Danu Innasithamby, a prominent and popular media personality in Sri Lanka, was recently  appointed WPDO Peace Ambassador! He will be formally presented with the title at the 2nd edition of the global business leadership forum 2018 to be held in Mumbai, India on Saturday the 7th April 2018. Danu has recognized for his extensive work in media and social work. He will be addressing the gathering at the forum while representing Sri Lanka.

Speaking to the media Danu said, “I am humbled that I have been given a platform to share the work of the Danu Innasithamby Foundation. This award gives our work in reconciliation better leverage to reach out and touch more people and to connect more people with Sri Lanka Smiles which can create new entrepreneurs and leaders who have missed out on an opportunity in making a dream come true.”

This prestigious award is bestowed upon most prominent personalities who have worked diligently for global peace and are known for their humanitarian contributions in the society with a series of lifetime achievements and substantially rich experience as adept social activist.

The World Peace and Diplomacy Organization (WPDO) was formed with the intention to work towards peace building, by eliminating the main factors that initiate conflicts and unrest in people. Since its inception in 2011, WPDO has achieved many mile stones covering great lengths in social and educational arena. It strongly supports United Nation’s Global compact program and Earth charter principles as well as strongly follows United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030.


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