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Da Vinci Cafe & Pizzeria – Reviewed

A cozy Italian pizzeria

Overall           ☺☺☺☺

Cuisine          Pizza and Patisserie

Open             10.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.

Food              ☺☺☺☺

Halal              Yes

Where            Down Ananda Coomarasamy Mw | A few blocks down from Cinnamon Red, on the left

Da Vinci is a small pizzeria and patisserie that opened up about 2 weeks ago. It’s a small, quirky but absolutely comfortable nook hidden down Ananda Coomarasamy Mawatha in Colombo 3. They make their pizza wood fired and in a brick oven. It’s a small space, with secluded dining upstairs and some fun looking cement chairs and tables outside, downstairs.

It’s quite a small patisserie and pizza place. We loved the dining space upstairs. It was big enough to accommodate a few tables but small enough to be absolutely comfortable and undisturbed.


You can buy the pizzas in two sizes – 9 and 12 inches. The 9 inch pizza was enough for two. The slightly larger one was about Rs.300-400 higher in price. Although they specialize in pizza, their small patisserie serves a few finger foods and short eats. They’ve also got some Italian classics like lasagna and other western varieties on the menu.

Pizza: Chicken Ham & Mushroom – Rs.890, Pepper Beef – Rs. 890, Devilled Chicken – Rs.890 and Italian Sausage – Rs. 990

We decided to try out 4 types of toppings. Our first pizza was half Chicken Ham & Mushroom and half Pepper Beef and our second pizza was half Italian Sausage and half Devilled Chicken

Note: You can opt for one pizza, but choose to go with a half/half selection of two toppings.

We weren’t massive fans of the Italian sausage. This pizza was a mix of tomatoes, mozzarella and Italian lamb sausage. We weren’t big fans of this pizza was because we felt like the topping to dough ratio was quite disappointing. The lamb sausages were massive (almost like slices of bratwurst) and tasted surprisingly fresh and meaty. If only the sausages were rich in quantity, this pizza could have been a heartthrob.

The Devilled Chicken Pizza looked quite amazing. It was topped with a ton of colourful bell pepper. The chicken was beautifully cut and was scattered generously all over the fine pizza. A special mention to all the crusts though, maybe it’s the fact that the brick ovens are wood fired, but the pizza dough and crust tasted amazing.

Next was a classic Ham and Mushroom pizza. This ranked #2 in our list. Chunky pieces of cheese were complemented with meatier slices of ham. All of this, garnished with some finely sliced button mushrooms.

The Pepper Beef topped the list and took home the #1 crown for being the best topping we tried that night. This pepper beef is what Lankans dream of. The spices marinated the luscious cubes of meat so well and the flavor had delicately wrapped itself around the beef. This topped with cheese and layered with tomatoes, was a show stopper.  

Service & Ambience

They need to be given a 11/10 for their service. Pizza, wood fired oven would generally mean that it would take at least 10-15 mins for it to reach our table, cooked. But we were surprisingly taken aback by how quick the meal prep was. The pizza was served at least five minutes post the process of ordering and sitting down at our tables. Boy, if only every place in the city is as efficient as they are.

The only complaint we had to our if not, great experience was the fact that they didn’t serve a few stuff on the menu; like their garlic bread or the cheese & chicken bacon pizza. Nonetheless, this area needed a good pizza joint and we are grateful to have one finally open up!

Since they also accommodate a small patisserie in them, they have a range of hot coffee and cold beverages. They’ve also got a few executive lunch packet options we are yet to explore.

Have you dropped into Da Vinci yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?

Tip: Definitely try the pepper beef pizza. It’s mouthwatering!