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buysrilankan.com – The Answer To Your Woes

Are you the better half of a long distance relationship or friendship? Have a son or daughter studying internationally? Or do you just really really like Sri Lankan food? Well, we’ve got good news for you! Buysrilankan.com is a newly launched website that ships authentic Sri Lankan products to expat Sri Lankans around the globe! I come from a pretty international family myself, so I was super psyched when I heard about this blessing. I decided to check it out myself, here’s a step-by-step review:

Their website is convenient and very user friendly, with goods categorized into easy-to-navigate tabs:

I was surprised to see that they had on offer things that expats would actually appreciate receiving! You’ve got to click on Food & Nutrition for the Snacks and Spices to appear in the categories column but once you get there, you’ll find golden buys like Chit-Bits, Lime Pickle and the ever loved Ambarella Chutney:

The website has a handy currency converter on the top of the page where one could choose to view prices in dollars or rupees and most of the food items are well below Rs. 500! Ah, bliss!

They also had seeni sambol and chilie paste, which could be a huge morale booster when you’re living in a spice deprived country and can’t find anything “daiya” enough for your refined Sri Lankan palette.

I was happy to see the bottles were McCurrie’s, which is a very delicious and reliable brand, and were thereby sealed, making the spices last longer than they otherwise would.

In addition to these food items, they also have teas, clothes, stationary and beauty care items. They also have an amazingly handy feature where you could send cupcakes, flowers or cakes to loved ones for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or the upcoming Valentine’s Day.

You just add the items to your cart by clicking on the picture and check out once you’re done shopping! They’ll require a few personal details such as your address, payment details and so on, but they guarantee that your information will not be misused. The buysrilankan.com door-to-door international delivery of goods is guaranteed within 10- 15 days and delivery within Sri Lanka is within 5 days.

The founder of Buysrilankan.com, Mr. Chandima Binduhewa said, “Buysrilankan.com saves (Sri Lankan expats) the hassle of placing requests on friends and family who travel from Sri Lanka, and the anxiety experienced in waiting impatiently for their arrival. We can now safely say that, ‘gone are the days of wrapping Sri Lankan food for safe carriage in check-in luggage’. ”

While taming nostalgia of individuals overseas, the website supports the local economy through foreign income and overseas promotion of local brands. For this reason, Sri Lankan producers are invited to showcase their items online at Buysrilankan.com and stand a chance to gain international recognition.

So if you’re a supplier or an eager buyer, be sure to check out buysrilankan.com for all your needs. Happy shopping, Sri Lanka!