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Valentine’s Day: Being Single

by Aazam Ameen

Ah, Valentine’s Day is finally upon us. Winds of change have made Valentine’s Day just as significant to us Lankans as it would be to anyone living in the West and as a result our attitude towards this day has definitely changed over the decades. So, while all you couples in love can rejoice and get it on as Marvin Gaye would say, we single people are going to be left out. So for all you loners out there, here’s what you can do if you are single on Valentine’s Day *sob sob*

Exploit those meal deals.

Call up your single best friend of the opposite sex or even of the same sex rather (I mean this is the 21st century right?) and go out into town and have a wonderful lunch or dinner. Most Colombo five stars even offer a free flow of champagne. Be sure to keep your phone charged and ready to go because those plates are going to look very insta-worthy. Besides, the waiters aren’t going to know you’re secretly single so what better way to spend today than with your best friend, over a nice meal and a glass of Moët….or should I say multiple glasses? 😉 Or, you could just stay home and order a burger and get another one free and eat them both, because sharing may be caring but come on, it’s food. Screw that!

Stay home and think about why you’re single.

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Instead of sulking, order a pizza and think about the horrors of being in a relationship and reassure yourself as to why it is a good idea being single. I mean remember that last girl you dated? The one that was so clingy and overly attached it made you cringe? Or what about the guy who was a total control freak that didn’t let you live the way you wanted? Don’t forget the intimidating death stares you had to deal with when you met the parents :3 Soon your sorrows will turn into a feeling of relief. Listen to me, yes you, you do not want to go down that road again.

Spend some time with the two people that love you the most.

I am referring to your parents, they are and they always will be your first love. So why not show them a little appreciation and love on this day. Make them your Valentine. After all, if you’re moody because you’re single, no one will know how to cheer you up better than your parents for they know you inside and out. When you see their faces light up with smiles, nothing will compare to that feeling ☺

Have a drink (responsibly)

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If all else fails, round up your best buds, in other words your bokkas and head down to your favorite watering hole for a drink, bite, and a thada chat. This is bound to make you have a good time regardless of your relationship status. Drinking on a Tuesday night might not be for everyone but then again today is good a day as any. Think of it as a way of getting through the midweek blues. Who knows, maybe you might even find the one 😉
So there you have it, here’s our take on what to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Personally I never understood the concept of having to celebrate love on just this particular day. If you are in love every day is Valentine’s Day really. It has just become so commercialized in today’s world. So please, if you are single today just relax and take it easy ☺