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Cheesy Omelette Sandwich

Cooking with Aunty D.

Kick start your day with this scrumptious and cheesy omelette sandwich! Get cooking!



  • Eggs 2
  • Sliced bread 4 slices
  • Onion (medium) 1
  • Tomato (small) 1
  • Milk 1/8 cup
  • Green chillies 2
  • Chilli flakes 1 tsp
  • Salt 1/2 tsp
  • Butter 2 tsp
  • Fortune Coconut Oil 2 tsp
  • Mozzarella 50 g


  1. Add onion, green chillies, tomato, chilli flakes, salt and milk to the eggs and whisk well.
  2. Apply Fortune Coconut Oil to the pan and make small omelettes.
  3. Heat a pan and place a bread slice, apply butter and put some mozzarella.
  4. Place the omelette on top of the mozzarella. Place another layer of mozzarella on top of the omelette. 
  5. Cover with a buttered slice of bread. Toast both sides for 3-4 minutes.

Aunty D. is a full time mom working a little magic in the kitchen whenever she’s got time on her hands. She brings to you easy and fast recipes with a twist of Sri Lankan spices and cooking techniques. Get Cooking!