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The Lipton Tea Room at the FGLF 2017

The Lipton tea room situated right opposite Halle de Galle during the Galle Literary Festival 2017 was a mini adventure for your taste buds and the perfect relaxed get-away for your mind, body and soul. A ceiling full of twinkle lights resembling a sky full of stars, a handful of beanbags to clumsily fumble into, and live music from a couple of Sri Lanka’s finest were only the beginning when it came to the Tea Room that lasted all four days of the Festival.

The most intriguing factor that contributed to The Tea Room’s charm was their slogan – “What is your mood DNA?”. Together with Tea Talk, The Lipton Tea Room brought to life a whole range of mind-boggling tea flavors that assailed your taste buds from first sip.They also boasted of chili and chocolate waffles, Mango and Citrus ice tea flavors and other such wonderful concoctions that was a food adventure right off the bat.

Hosting open mics and poetry nights on various days of The Festival, the Lipton Tea Room excelled in bringing to life the very essence of art, expression and the unadulterated joy in experiencing the un-ordinary.

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