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Places to Eat in Galle

by Aanisha Cuttilan

Hey Foodies and forever hungry humans such as myself! What with the Galle Literary Festival here again already and the million and one long weekends this year, we’re bound to find ourselves in the lovely city of Galle many many times this year. So to satisfy all the hungry-bundies and our constant need for a food adventure, here’s a few places you can grab some grub in Galle.

Poonie’s Kitchen

Nestled behind a store on Pedlar’s Street, Poonie’s Kitchen is a quaint little eatery that has a variety of dishes for a light lunch. With mains ranging from Salad Thalis, Love Bowls and even a Satay Rice, Poonie’s guarantees a food adventure to suit all your needs. Super relaxed and decorated with blue hues, this is the perfect mini-escape from the bustle of the busy Galle streets.


If you’re looking for fine dining options and a relaxing ambience, Amangalla is part of an international boutique luxury hotel chain that hosts meals for non-resident guests on their veranda with exquisite food, perfect service and a serene view. Charming, albeit expensive, Amangalla is your #1 place to seek luxury.

Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar

With branches at Crescat and now at the Odel Promenade, we’re all familiar with the lovely service and top quality food at Sugar Bistro. Their Galle outlet gives us nothing short of top-notch and is my go-to option, when it doubt. With dishes ranging from quesadillas to nasi goreng to burgers, and even the opportunity of ordering a glass of wine, Sugar has a large range of dishes to savor.


With a range of fruity and milky contraptions and a choice of popping bubbles or boba, Bubblelement ensures a fun experience for all involved. A tiny café set up in a corner of Galle fort, Bubbleelement is the ideal thirst quencher for hot Galle days, and a bit of a chill.

Indian Hut Family Restaurant

Situated on Rampart Street, Indian Hut gives customers an extremely affordable, extremely tasty Indian and Chinese Cuisine experience. Biryanis, naans and lassis galore, you can walk out of there with a happy tummy and zero holes in your wallet.

The Tuna & The Crab

Your go-to place for a bit of a pricey sushi, The Tuna & The Crab is Chef Darshan Munidasa’s venture into the city of Galle. Fresh seafood and a great atmosphere, go grab a meal here if you don’t mind dishing out a bit of a buck.

Pedlar’s Inn Cafe & Gelato

Pedlar’s Inn Café has an assortment of dishes and tasty eats but the highlight of this little gem is the Pedlar’s Inn Gelato across the street from the Café. Their sorbets are golden and refreshing on a warm tropical day. Get a couple cups of ice cream and go watch the waves crash against the show, a perfect way to end the day.

Thai Heritage

Boasting absolutely delicious Thai Food at the Galle Dutch Hospital, Thai Heritage is unique in its choice of cuisine and excellent service. Whilst formyl staying put on the higher end of the price spectrum, like all of the other restaurants at the Dutch Hospital, Thai Heritage is still a lovely joint to grab a relaxed lunch.

Fort Rotti Restaurant

Yummy, albeit small servings, of various rottis at the Galle Fort for about 300 each, Fort Rotti Restaurant at the YMBA is good for a quick snack or a change-up in cuisines, because honestly, which other restaurant at the Fort would serve us a good ol’ rotti right?

Cafe Hula Hula

A slightly shady little joint down Rampart street that serves up everything from rice and curry to club sandwiches at more than affordable prices, Cafe Hula Hula is kind of like the Pilawoos of Galle.

The Original Rocket Burger

Rocket Burger is a place that demands multiple repeat visits. With super friendly and efficient service, and the tastiest burgers in town, this little eatery will make you go back for more and more. Not terribly expensive, but with limited seating options, Rocket Burger is another happy tummy experience.

The Fort Printers

A private hotel that houses a beautiful dining area, The Fort Printers is another strong contender for fine dining in Galle. Using some of the freshest produce in the country, their website boasts that “Lunch may include fresh salads, gourmet burgers, grilled tuna or open-faced sandwiches. Dinner is generally a lavish affair with specialties such as grilled lobster, seared tuna, prawns, slow roasted leg of goat, grilled lamb cutlets or delicious Sri Lankan lobster, prawn or fish curries.”

Anura’s Restaurant Café

A little hole in the wall, Anura’s serves up cold Lion beers, curries, pastas and great pizzas. Pretty damn affordable and with no service charges, Anura’s is a go-to option for backpackers and people on a budget.