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Sugar Bistro (ODEL) – Reviewed

by Anuki Premachandra

A homely, fancy dining experience  

Overall         ☺☺☺☺

Cuisine         Western    

Open             Breakfast/Lunch – 10. 00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. (all day breakfast ends at 4)

                      Dinner – 6.00 p.m. – 10.30 p.m.

Food             ☺☺☺☺

Drinks           ☺☺☺☺

Halal              Yes

Where            At the Odel Promenade

As you walk in, a friendly chalkboard greets you followed by neatly aligned ceramic wall plates and a dainty display of cakes. Everything about the place reminds you of the sort of downtown cafes you’d see in fancy Hollywood movies.  The walls are carelessly brushed with a thin coat of plastering. The red bricked wall that showed itself through the white swifts of plaster brought in a sense of unrefined beauty to the place. The interior has been well thought of; a few rocket plants acted as delicate table décor and the cutlery on each table, were chucked into a ceramic jug. This place makes you feel at home… You can opt for indoor or outdoor dining. There are simple steel chairs if you feel the need to sit upright or a comfy cushion alternative if you want to sink into some comfortable pillows and drown into a bubble of solitude away from the hustle around you.



We loved everything about this place and it is a great place to hang out. On a normal weekday, you’ll find very small groups of people engrossed in their own deep conversations. This is the kind of place you’d want to go to if you want to spend some quality time with you family or catch up with your best friend after her first semester at uni. The perfect ambience – good wine and amazing food. The Odel promenade alone has a great French street vibe to it, and Sugar seems to echo the same.

Food and Drinks

Drinks: False Bay Rose – Rs. 650 (100 ml)/ Rs. 900 (150 ml), Espresso Martini – Rs.990 and Mojito – Rs. 600


The False Bay Rose is a delicately spiced and deliciously fruity, dry rose from Cinsault and Mouverfre grapes. A very quaffable, fresh and fruity wine from the famous False Bay vineyards in South Africa. Rose is the only type of wine we tried. But Sugar has a whole other wine bar right at the center of the promenade with some very rare finds!

Sugar’s espresso martini is a coffee lovers dream. It’s the perfect amount of caffeine you want with your alcohol – it definitely is dressed to kill. But if you aint a coffee lover, do not try this, you’ll just end up hating coffee more. And if you decide to, you can ask the waiters to go easy on the coffee.

What’s more to say about a classic mojito! Justice was definitely served.

Small Plates: Deep fried Mac and Cheese with Jalapeno Aioli – Rs.950, Black Pork Pol Roti with lunu miris and raita – Rs.950 and Middle Eastern Roast Vegetables salad with feta and cous cous – Rs.1200

Their deep fried mac and cheese really did surpass our expectations. Comfort food at its best! The mac and cheese was as good as it gets, and having it deep fried was an additional bingo. 4 perfectly crispy mac and cheese balls sat amidst a great jalapeño aioli. The aioli was super rich in flavor and kept you begging for more. The balls were topped with a spicy tomato sauce that wrapped up all the various flavors in the dish together.

I bet your grandma hasn’t made you pol roti that’s shaped like pattis! I don’t know the works that went into it, but I was expecting a traditional roti topped with lunu miris and raita borrowed from our neighbors, India. What I wasn’t expecting to see was some beautifully shaped black pork curried pol roti pattis topped with some super spicy gamè-y like lunu miris and a thick raita. Little did I know that raita will now be my favorite thing to have with roti and lunu miris.

Absolutely loved their Middle Eastern Roast Vegetable Salad! Loved the cauliflower and the baby onions that really stole the show. The cauliflower sprouts were roasted to a golden brown texture, this was the same with the baby onions and the tomatoes that were beautifully caramelized and tasted ever so gastronomically pleasing. All of these veggies combined sat on top of some well-cooked cous cous. Everything about this dish was a 5/5.

Big plates: Paneer Biriyani – Rs.1350  

Served in a steel container, and accompanied with some great raita and chutney, their Paneer Biryani is to die for. As a meat eating carnivore, paneer was never an option for me. I’d always opt for a good chicken or mutton biriyani, because, why not. This paneer biriyani really makes you contemplate why you didn’t want to go vegetarian in the first place, because with paneer this good, staying away from meat won’t be a problem. The raita and chutney combined together with the flavorful rice and chunky paneer tastes heavenly in your mouth. A must try!

Dessert: Chocolate & Hazelnut Mousse Cake – Rs.550 and Passion Fruit & Coconut Mousse Cake – Rs.500

They’ve got these flawless desserts in individual containers to go as well!

The Chocolate & Hazelnut Mousse Cake is a beautiful chocolate glazed dome lined with crunchy hazelnuts, where the mousse sits on a moist chocolate cake. They’ve got the tiny details on the consistency and the texture of the mouse right down to a T. The center of the dome hides some fresh hazelnuts too! The chocolate mirror glaze on the dome is surreal and the beauty of the dessert makes it one worth trying. A work of art.

The Passion Fruit & Coconut Mousse Cake dome looked even prettier than the chocolate one. With a rich mirror pink glaze coating a passion fruit and coconut mousse cake on the inside, this was a dessert you can judge by its cover. Its cover being a beautifully hued pink glass-like mirror glaze. The lining of this dome is covered with coconut flakes. Just like the chocolate one, this mouse is also set on top of a rich cake and as you carve your way into the dessert, you might find a cube of passion fruit chucked in to surprise you.

Have you tried Sugar yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?


Tip: In addition to their menu, they have homemade pies baked and ready for you. You can either have them there or take it to go.