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How to accessorize classy – The Lankan Woman Edition

We brought to you some tips, tricks and advice that you can use when it comes to dressing like your rich and put-together. Is it only your articles of clothing that can portray you as a rich woman? We think not. This article proudly brings to you some hacks that you can keep in mind the next time you’re shopping for accessories or jewelry or trying to mix and match whatever jewelry you have with your #OOTD.

Now the thing with most Lankan ladies is the sad reality that we don’t accessorize as much. When I say this, I mean it in terms of changing our pieces of jewelry daily or regularly to keep up with trends or to match our outfits. I mean let’s be realistic, even I haven’t got the time stand in front of my mirror every morning, digging into the little earrings or pendants I’ve got trying to decide what best compliments what I’m wearing. You’d be surprised if I told you that spending some time on your jewelry really pays off because it would complement your outfit and bring out the best in you. That is, of course, if you know how to accessorize the right way.

Here are a few things I’ve realized most Sri Lankan women tend to do. If you are a religious follower of anything mentioned below, this is your reminder that the accessory gurus are not happy with your choices and that they need immediate change! Here goes…

  1. Say no to gaudy hair ties

Is it just me or what? We seem to have more varieties of hair ties than we have mangoes. (On that note, we did a fantastic article on mangoes, you need to check it out). From the really fluffy, wool like textures hair ties, to the telephone wire ones and now to the elastic ribbon ones tied on the side, we see a whole load of hair ties around. Now the thing is, if you want to use these on your hair, it fine. But on your hand? Nope. Did you know that having your hair tie on your hand is a negative fashion statement? Seems about right because it’s just a cord of elastic and doesn’t look at pleasant all stretched out and ruffled up on your wrist.

Also since we’re focusing on looking classy, I’d suggest losing the colorful and out-of-proportionally big hair bands. A slick and thin black one will do just the job. If you’re worried about holding your hair together in place, you’d be surprised at how efficient this type of hair tie is.

  1. Bangles made of plastic?


Do people still wear bangles made of plastic? When I was kid I remember how ‘in-style’ this massive plastic bangles were, but only as of recent I realized that people still wear it! No, plastic is trashy and never classy. You need to stop wearing it if you are, like right this second.

  1. Hair clips have to go


We all need hair clips to hold our hair in place, that’s understood. Having your hair all over the place is not a go-to if you want to look pulled together. But colourful hair clips as an adults? No, they have to go. I get it, you want to express creativity and fashion through accessorizing your hair as well but it does not need to look like you just stepped out of the wesakkalape.

Maybe a black bobby pin or a small black clip that blends in with the colour of your hair would be perfect. It looks both classy and professional. Honey, you can’t expect anyone to take you seriously with a thorana on your head!

  1. Overly adorning yourself

Ah, this needs to be iterated over and over again. A big necklace, bangle/ bracelet (sometimes both) and dangly earrings to work? Oh god no. Not just work, even to some red carpet event that would be a bit too gaudy. Keep the accessorizing to a minimal. This is the first rule of accessorizing right.

Whether it be fashion jewelry or fine jewelry, overly adorning yourself makes you look trashy. I kid you not, I saw this lady on the road the other day literally covered in gold. A massive gold necklace, humungous gold earrings, a ton of bangles and bracelets on each hand and a couple of anklets on both legs too. I mean we get, you probably have a lot of gold and are very rich, or this is all you have and insist of wearing it all day err anyway. Whatever the case, overly adoring yourself, even with gold does not make you look rich at all. Gives the impression that you’ve got money, yes. But does it look good on you? No.

Alright, now since we’ve gotten past the calamities we see in accessorizing in the country. Now let’s look at some go-to tips that you can use to step up your styling game.

  • A fine chain and a simple ring

This combination can go a long way. An elegant and beautiful chain with maybe a pretty pendant and a simple ring looks classy and very rich.

  • A chunky gold bracelet


So this can be worn with certain colours like nude, peach or white in the day and maybe in the night when you’re going out, with a little black dress or so. A chunky gold bracelet always looks classy as long as you keep your neck free and your earrings to a minimum.

  • Your watch

Your watch is definitely considered a piece of jewelry and investing in a good time teller will never let you down.  That doesn’t mean it has to cost a fortune, only that it should be pretty, classic, or quirky. Your watch completes an outfit, either by perking it up or by adding contrast.

  • Maintaining your nails

This is one of the little things that can really go a long way. Spending some time and money on a good manicure will really show. Ugly hands or ugly feet are not signs of richness or cleanliness. There is nothing worse than seeing someone with dirty fingernails. It says a lot about their overall health and personal hygiene and how much they care about themselves. Yellowing, chipped and ragged nails at any length are not good. People see your face and hands no matter how much of the rest of you is covered up. Keep your nails at a short to medium neatly-kept length.

So here are the nitty grittys, don’t pile on a lot of accessories all at once, going overboard with the gold doesn’t really give out the impression of looking classy and the little things like your hair ties or your nails or the clips on your head stand out at the end of the day. Always dress to compliment and flatter your body. Maybe invest in a few expensive pieces of jewelry rather than in a bunch of trashy ones that wouldn’t allow to you achieve the look you want to aim for. Accent your jewelry with your clothes, neutral with pops of colour would do, but always keep in mind not to have too many colours or patterns on you at the same time!